Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Bigfoot Campfire Story - Oklahoma

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Sasquatch Campfire Story

Seeing a Bigfoot in the wild usually has a profound effect a person's life. The fact that you saw something that isn't supposed to exist on a scientific level, can create all sorts of questions in one's mind. In this video, a man describes his encounter with Bigfoot after spending many years in the woods hunting and camping.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Bigfoot Sightings of 2016 - April Part 2

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Bigfoot Sightings April 2016

From the north woods of Michigan, to the woods of New England, Bigfoot sightings continue to persist. In this video, news reporters take a look at a few of the most recent sightings that have occurred in early 2016. 

"The truth is out there."

Creatureplica Silverback Action Figure

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Creatureplica Silverback Figure

Creatureplica makes some pretty cool Cryptid Action Figures. It looks like they have really outdone themselves this time — with the new Silverback Sasquatch! And Henry May is hear to break it all down for us. Even though these won't be released until the Ohio Bigfoot Conference this year, Henry was able to get his hands on one ahead of time. In case you can't make it to the conference this year but till want one of these action figures, you can pre-order one here:

Arkansas Bigfoot Conference with "Something In The Woods"

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Arkansas Bigfoot Conference

This video was shot at this year's Arkansas Bigfoot Conference — featuring The Something In The Woods producers. From the looks of things, it looks like it was a great conference and every seemed to have a good time. You can purchase Something In The Woods here: They also have T-shirts as well.

Bob Gimlin Speaks at 2015 Ohio Bigfoot Confernce

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Bob Gimlin Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Bob Gimlin has to be the biggest celebrity in the Bigfoot kingdom. His role in the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Footage has etched his name in Bigfoot history. With that being said, he is one of the most sought out people when it comes to headlining Bigfoot conferences. In this video Bob gives a presentation at the 2015 Ohio Bigfoot Conference. Bob will be headlining this year's conference in May at Salt Fork State Park.