Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Olympic Project: Sighting Data

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Olympic Project Presentation
The Olympic Project is one of the most credible Bigfoot research organizations in the world. The project is led by Derek Randles and focuses its research in Washington state.

In this video, Tom Baker gives a presentation on "sighting data" at one of the Olympic Project's functions.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bigfoot Sightings of May 2016

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Bigfoot Sightings of May 2016

The hunt for the elusive Sasquatch continues as sightings continue to roll in from across the country. In this video, newscasters report on the latest sightings from May, 2016. And according to reports, Michigan has been a hotbed of activity this year. North Carolina is also featured in this month's sighting reports.

Tim Fasano Films Something Moving...

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Tim Skunk Ape

Tim Fasano is a well-known Skunk Ape researcher in Florida. Love him or hate him, the guy spends more time in the woods & swamps than just about anyone on the planet.

In this video he catches something moving through the brush. Could it be the elusive Skunk Ape?
Last Winter, I pulled off the road on SR 301 and snuck onto a watershed area because It looked good and I thought I saw something moving. I got a video of something moving at a very good clip of speed. It looks upright but steel grey in color. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Alabama Adventures: Harpersville Hoax

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Alabama Adventures

Alabama Adventures presents: Harpersville Hoax, Lies and almost Murder

This episode features an incident that occurred in a small town in Alabama and received nation-wide attention. He also talks about the D.B. Cooper story and how that mystery still lingers on today.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bear Spray Deterrent Demonstration

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Bear Spray Demonstration

Most of us know that going deep into the forest can be potentially dangerous. That's why it's always good to prepare yourself for all the possible dangers (besides Bigfoot) that one might encounter while out Squatchin.

In February I wrote an article on How To Defend Yourself While Squatchin. Now, we have Idaho Bigfoot researcher Anthony Moffett giving us a demonstration on how to deal with a bear encounter.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators - Night Hunt

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Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators WPI

The Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators (WPI) are a paranormal/cryptid research team based in southeastern Wisconsin. This part of Wisconsin is home to the Beast of Bray Road aka the Dogman and also has its fair share of Bigfoot sightings. In this video the team heads out for a night hunt on April 30, 2016.