Saturday, February 13, 2016

Legends Beware: The Sasquatch Museum

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Bigfoot Museum Georgia

Chris of Legends Beware has just found out about a new Bigfoot Museum in Georgia. In this video he heads to the museum to check things out. Luckily, the owner is cool and lets Chris film inside. Once inside, Chris is happy to find out that his film: The Curse of Blood Mountain is featured in the museum.

Bigfoot or Bigfoot Hoax?

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Spanish Yeti Photo hoax

The Crypto Files is a new video series put together by Thomas Marcum of the The Crypto Crew. In this first episode they show some recent Bigfoot and Yeti photos that have been floating round the web. Are they real, or are they fake? You decide.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Bigfoot 101 DNA Collection

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Bigfoot DNA Collection

The Crypto Blast is back with a short informative video. In this episode they talk about DNA collection. Bigfoot researcher Shelly Covington has taken in upon herself to try and educate other researchers and enthusiasts about the proper protocol for handing potential Bigfoot DNA.

"I just want Bigfoot researchers to follow proper forensic procedures" says Shelly.

Bob Gimlin Talks About Roger Patterson's Deathbed Confession

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Bob Gimlin Bigfoot Confession

It's been many years since Roger Patterson passed away from cancer. But his legend lives on in the form of Patty and many others that he affected with his 1967 Bigfoot footage.

In this video Bob Gimlin opens up about when he spoke with Roger the night before he passed. Did Roger feel he owed Bob money for what he made off of the whole Patty deal? Maybe someone can fill me in on the back story of this and Roger's brother-in-law, Al DeAtley

Despite the Patterson-Gimlin footage being almost 50 years old now, it still holds a mystery and mystique about it. To most Bigfoot believers it is real footage of a living Sasquatch, and to the general public it is just a guy in a suit. Either way, it hasn't totally been proven to be a real Bigfoot or a hoax.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

How to Defend Yourself While Squatchin

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Bear Pepper Spray

We all know that Squatchin can take you into the woods; sometimes really deep into the woods. Into areas where not only Sasquatch live, but wild animals such as bears and mountain lions call home.

Are you prepared to defend yourself against a wild animal attack? 

To date we have only speculation, as far as Bigfoot on human attacks go. But we do know that mountain lions (cougars) and bears will, at times, attack humans.