Saturday, February 16, 2013

Damage Control is in Full Swing

Rick Dyer Damage Control

Things seems things have taken a new twist as of late. It started with fb/fb censoring posts and banning people from their site to now even Rick Dyer is deleting his own comedic videos. Another thing that has been going on is comments under YouTube videos that may portray Rick in a bad light have been getting flagged as spam.

Why you may ask? And if you really have a body does any of that matter?

Well it turns out Rick Dyer made the news now about the tent video.
So I believe all this was being done in advance to try and boost his image. Interesting enough fb/fb is linked in the news article as well as shown on the news. They were preparing for this media exposure and throngs of new people will be doing searches on YouTube and going to their sites. They are trying to clean up their image and the image of Rick Dyer. I already see one inconsistency of the recent news coverage. It claims in November after the homeless people made the report of seeing a Bigfoot, Rick went out there and saw one too. Well he's on the record in 2010 saying he doesn't even believe in Bigfoot and that its all a big scam. This can be heard here RICK DYER GOES ON RECORD ABOUT ALL THE BIGFOOT SCAMS. IF IT SAYS BIGFOOT IT'S A SCAM!

I think a lot of us are ready for all of this to end, but apparently we'll just have to wait until the movie comes out to draw any definitive conclusions.

Here is a link to the recent news article on the tent video-
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