Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Does Heavy Rainfall Play A Part In Bigfoot Sightings? Well It Appears So

 Thanks to Dan Nedrelo for contributing to this post.

Several years ago I saw a show about Bigfoot sightings in Texas. I was blown away at the time thinking, Bigfoots living in Texas? Are you kidding me? The show then went on to make the correlation between heavy rainfall and high numbers of Bigfoot sightings. I found that interesting since they are supposed to be so prevalent in the Pacific NW where there is ample amounts of rainfall.

Across the nation according to John Green, one of the main information gatherers on Bigfoot from the early days, was a correlation of precipitation with reports of the hairy giants. It seemed to him the cut off was 20 inches of rain. If you look at reports even in the mountains, the annual rainfall typically matched or exceeded this.

Obviously there are other factors involved too which would be required for Bigfoot to thrive, such as cover and food availability.

Here are some maps for comparison.

Texas Bigfoot Sightings Map

Texas Annual Rainfall

US Bigfoot Sighting Map

US Annual Rainfall

If Bigfoot didn't exist would these correlations be made? Wouldn't the sightings just be a splattering on a map? Something to think about as we continue our search for the elusive creature known as Bigfoot!
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