Sunday, February 10, 2013

Does Rick Dyer really have a Bigfoot body?! Is Musky Allen now a Hoaxer??

Rick Dyer And Musky Allen in Vegas

Drama, drama, and more drama. Ladies and gentleman:
The Bigfoot world is blowing up! I mean, things are getting nuts!

Does Rick Dyer have a body? Is Musky Allen part of this hoax? Is Facebook Find Bigfoot backing this hoax? All of these are questions the skeptics are asking. Ok, just to get you up to speed I'll break down the characters in this whole ordeal. First of all you have Rick Dyer, the 2008 hoaxer. The Georgia Bigfoot body in the freezer guy. He was part of that whole ordeal; he made 50 grand off of it, which him and his buddy split. Then after that he became notorious, he got interviews all over the world and he became a Bigfoot tracker. A movie production company came to him and they've been filming him the last 4 years and he's got a movie coming out soon. He claims to have turned a new leaf and he's been calling out the hoaxers. He's been going hard against Team Tazer and bear boy and their claims of shooting 2 Bigfoots. 

Then you have Musky Allen, the known skeptic. The last couple of years he's been battling everyone on these Facebook pages, but before that I've never heard of him. The story behind him is that he was mentored by Renee Dahinden, a well-know Bigfoot researcher who passed away in 2001. Musky claims to have led a Bigfoot group that had 11,000 members but had to shut it down because Matt Moneymaker sued him. He also claims to have spent something like 87 days in the forest and saw no evidence of Bigfoot. So that would make sense that he would want to lash out at people on these groups online. Due to his skeptical nature Rick thought it would be perfect to have him be the one to see the body first and shove it in his face that these creatures are in fact real. Does that give him credibility to judge a Bigfoot body and say its real? So Musky flies down to Vegas and meets up with Rick who then blindfolds him and takes him to the secret location to view the body.( I knew he'd confirm the body) Supposedly Rick invited fb/fb as well but they were like 'oh no we'll let Musky go first.' FB/FB is making so much cake off of their videos and book it seems as if it's all just a game to them. Personally this whole thing is starting to smell like a dead Sasquatch. I think Musky may be tired of being the skeptic, oddly enough he's been very chummy with Rick for awhile now. What makes you think that he wouldn't be bought off to be a part of a hoax? 

There is 0 proof of this body but people are just believing. They're drinking the kool-aid. When CNN gets involved and scientists get involved then we can consider this proof. It just does not add up. I mean Jeff Meldrum should be there, but he's not a hoaxer. Musky doesn't give 2 shits about the Bf community. People are like 'I know Musky' You know nothing, you know him from Facebook and your fantasy delusional little world. You don't hang out with him, you don't break bread with the guy.

 Now back to Facebook find blobsquatch. Some think that they're a part of this whole ordeal. But I don't know I think they may be just in it for the hoopla. They had thousands of people waiting for Musky's interview. It was a decent interview but it just doesn't add up. The known hoaxer is gonna be the one guy in human history that makes the discovery? We don't even have a bone, we barely have a decent picture! But hes the guy that kills one? I mean the odds are 1 in million. I'm not buying it yet. It just seems like they are dragging this along until the movie comes out. The movie is probably about hoaxing and Musky probably got paid to be in it. It's amazing how big this whole Bigfoot thing is getting. The internet is really uniting the footers and the skeptics. People are drinking the kool-aid... gullible, but until you show me infallible proof it's just another hoax.
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