Monday, February 11, 2013

Finding Bigfoot: South Dakota (Review)

Black Hills, South Dakota
  Photo by Chris M Morris  

Did you all watch last night's episode?

Overall I thought it was a decent episode. The content was pretty much typical of what they produce. I found it odd that they didn't go to the Black Hills at all. The Black Hills lie pretty much adjacent to the Badlands. The camera did (Mount Rushmore) but the team did not. I didn't realize that there were that many Bigfoot sightings in the Badlands area. Like the show mentioned there isn't much water available in that area. There also isn't that much cover. There are some rocky crags and sporadic pine clusters but that's about it. I do think Bigfoots pass though there based on the eyewitness accounts but I wouldn't think there could be that many. On the other hand the Black Hills is a heavily forested area with a lot of large rocks and caves, which is perfect habitat for Bigfoot. There have been quite a few sightings I believe in the Black Hills area. It's just most of them go undocumented. My grandmother has lived there for many years and she has had a sighting. She was bringing the garbage out one night and that's when she had her encounter. This happened some years back and I'm trying to get more details on it all. She used to live in a remote area in the Hills. A lot of people out there (like anywhere else I suppose) just don't tell many people about their encounters. I think the main reason is fear of ridicule. I think many do tell people they are just older people and never get on computers or don't know about the BFRO sightings database.Which leads me to wonder if there will come a day when one doesn't have to feel awkward when telling of their experiences...
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  1. I have to agree with your comments. There are quite a few bigfoot sightings in the Black Hills, although few have been made public or posted on the various internet sites. It may be a good thing that BFRO did not venture into the hills however, as they do not know how to keep quiet and have too many preconceived notions about what it is they are after.