Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is The Rick Dyer & Musky Allen Hoax Unraveling?!

The Rick Dyer & Musky Allen Hoax

Last night I was up late and couldn't sleep.. So I started counting Bigfoots..
I then started to see this whole thing for what it might just be.. A well contrived hoax.

Is facebook findblobsquatch, Musky Allen, and Rick Dyer all knowing participants in it? It struck me as odd a while back when Musky would always argue with everyone but he would buddy up with Rick. He was also quoted as saying "The Bigfoot community needs people like Rick", meaning it needs hoaxers. Anyhow someone in the room called him a dick rider. And he replied  "I don't ride coattails, I have my own agenda and he has his."  I thought to myself, I can figure out what Rick's agenda might be but what exactly is yours? Now it kinda makes sense. Was this whole thing planned from the start?

Did fb/fb  in a sense create him for the purpose of being the annoying skeptic, so that down the road he would be the perfect person to verify a body? They sure were quick to put Rick's video up to #2 right behind the Patterson footage. I mean Musky doesn't even use his real name. The fb/fb admins don't either. I don't know of one major Bigfoot fb page/group where the admins haven't shown face. That's a red flag in itself. If any one is too be taken serious you can't hide behind a fake name. Let's send the guy with the fake name to see the body. (said in a sarcastic tone) If fb/fb is behind this it really blows my mind to think to think a hoax could be this elaborate and contrived.

Some one came up to me and they were like "oh but the Bigfoot 911 call in 2009, that's proof that this could be real." Apparently some homeless people that were camping out in the woods behind Home Depot in San Antonio saw a Bigfoot near their camp.Well first of all I think that may of been the light which triggered Rick to do this hoax. Or did he pay them to make that call? Or was there actually a Sasquatch in San Antonio Texas? Anyhow back to facebook find blobsquatch, these guys can't be taken serious. I mean its all just sensationalism. These guys would confirm me if I took my shirt off and ran fast enough! You know they'd be like, Oh he's got the sloped forehead and the mid-tarsal break and the way his heel angle is you can tell that it's got the dermal ridges. Oh yea, he confirms on all points, yup Sasquatch! If you go to their page now they are getting called out and attacked about all of the recent events surrounding this claim of Rick having a body.

They say there are 5 stages to a Bigfoot hoax.

Stage 1: You make the announcement.
Staeg 2: You attack the critics and get defensive.
Stage 3: You postpone your evidence.
Stage 4: You postpone more evidence.
Stage 5: You claim your a victim of a hoax.

If indeed this is a hoax I would say we are in stage 4 right now. I honestly hope we don't get to stage 5. I can just see it. Oh, the men in black took the body! We were so close to showing everyone too!

Musky posted recently that he invited Jeff Meldrum to come see the body but that Meldrum wanted $5500.00 and paid expenses. Meldrum replied and said he wasn't invited and that those statements made by Musky were bold faced lies. So it appears now that Musky and Rick have started damage control on that and are bashing the hell out of Meldrum. Anyhow, the real question is.. When will we get the truth that either this is an elaborate hoax or Rick Dyer is in fact the greatest tracker in the world??
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