Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Minnesota Bigfoot

Minnesota Biomes

Growing up in Minnesota I spent a lot of time outdoors. I was always playing in the woods, going on fishing trips and exploring this beautiful state. Most people that live in Minnesota go "up north" in the summer to spend the weekends at the cabin or in a tent in the woods.

A large section of northern Minnesota is part of a coniferous forest, and along the Canadian border you have the boundary waters and the Boreal forest. In this northern part of the state there are thickets and bogs that are almost impenetrable by foot. These forests are home to many animals including moose, wolves, black bears, and an abundance of white-tailed deer. The state boasts over 11,000 lakes and has many streams & rivers providing plenty of water and food for these large animals.

So all of this leads me to believe that if there are Bigfoot here they would have plenty of food, water, and cover. Despite all the unpopulated, densely forested areas, growing up I never heard any Bigfoot stories. Never did it cross my mind that there could be a larger then life bipedal primate roaming the dense forests of my home state.

As a kid we were told that Bigfoot exist primarily in the Pacific Northwest and it's cousin the Yeti in far away lands. Now with the advent of the internet and TV shows on the subject one is able to get a broader view on the subject and sightings in particular. Finding Bigfoot did an episode here in Minnesota and they interviewed some people who had some recent sightings in 2010 of a possible 10 footer!

This video was filmed along the Minnesota/Canadian border in a very remote area. These tracks were found on March 10, 2012 and appear to be pretty fresh.

All of this has given me the itch to get out there and see if there really is a Minnesota Iceman. I plan on leading a team of people this summer into the deep forest to do some research. It will be a camping trip and I will keep you posted on the dates and details.

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