Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More On The Rick Dyer & Musky Allen Hoax!

Rick Dyer & Musky Allen Hoax

 The Muskie's are a bitin'! The Musky is a lungin'!

Boy are things heatin up in the Bigfoot world. As some of you know, Musky Allen is an admin on some of these Bigfoot groups online. He has recently been accused of kicking people out of groups and deleting their comments (sound familiar, i.e. fb/fb) When some of these groups are supposed to be "say anything" groups. So what made him so mad as of late?

Well, apparently someone posted his real name or some information about him (not in the aforementioned groups) which seems to have gotten him pretty riled up. Another possible cause of his frustration could be the fact that he got caught up saying he invited Jeff Meldrum to see the body and Meldrum flat out denied it. Because of that him and Rick Dyer have been bashing Meldrum to know end. I mean, do they real have anything of substance to go against him with? What can you say bad about the guy? So he bought some plaster footprints once and some of them turned out to be fake. That makes him a hoaxer?? No. This guy is a beacon to the Bigfoot community. He's kind of the figurehead by default because he has credentials as a scientist and as a well known, respected researcher. Even though I don't agree with all his theories I still respect the guy.

So yea, this is just crazy.

Did you hear that facebook find blobquatch posted a video giving researcher award of the year to Rick Dyer?? (insert laugh here) and I just couldn't help but laugh. I feel like this Bigfooting is turning into wrestling. It's like the researchers, the real hard core researchers are like the Olympic wrestlers and the College wrestlers where as the hoaxers are like the WWE.

As much as I think this is a hoax , it is just such a deep, elaborate, contrived thing. Its hard for me to believe that fb/fb is willing to throw it all away over a hoax. Maybe this was their grand design from the beginning? Why not just keep making videos that are legit(when their not) and build up your little empire. I mean they are making a lot of money on their youtube videos and their book.

I was telling my buddy about Bigfoot and all the characters and drama and he said "there's more politics in Bigfooting then in politics" lol  He hit the nail on the head with that one. Who would have ever thought it would be like a soap opera. I mean as soon as someone posts something debunking Rick's claims Rick counters it, and vise versa. Rick is good, he's a good salesman. That's for dang sure . All of this was kinda entertaining for a while even if it was a hoax, but once you find out that Musky could be involved and that fb/fb may have created him then it gets disturbing to me. I still haven't seen any proof that Musky studied under Rene Dahinden and Moneymaker denies that Musky sued him back in the day. So Musky's background is kinda sketchy to say the least. I guess only time will tell as this fiasco continue to play itself out, but until then....It's just another day in the life of the Bigfoot community.

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  1. It's "who would have thought". No "who would of thought".

    Would have.

    Two words that can make a contraction, "would've".

    Just because we're so used to using the contraction in our daily speech doesn't mean we should forget third grade and contractions.