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My Agenda as a Casual Participant in the Bigfoot Community

Musky Allen Lie
     Editor’s Note: This is a post by Bigfoot Research News contributor, DG

Let me start off by saying this is my first ever blog post anywhere. Contrary to what a certain "would be" skeptic wants you to think. Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors you see, I am new to this.

I have up until recently been a participating member of 1 and only 1 Bigfoot Group, the "Bigfoot Free Thinkers" a private Facebook group which billed itself as (I have to paraphrase) "A friendly debate group for Believers and Skeptics". I also, like many of you I imagine, post on FB/FB. That is it, 2 Facebook pages, nowhere else. I am a member of a local Bigfoot page on FB but I do not contribute and only read posts there maybe once a week.

I stumbled upon FB/FB simply because they have the Bigfoot name on FB. When I "Liked" the page I had no idea what it was really all about. I watched most the youtube videos they have done and got a good chuckle out of some, thought others were interesting. FB/FB kinda sucked me into the "Bigfoot community" so to speak. It wasn't until they started with their book promotions and "Smarter Ape" theory talk that I started to be more active on their page.

Wait, I better back track a bit. I am a skeptic, lets make that clear now. I do love the mystery around Cryptids, UFOs, ghosts, you name it, but don't put much faith (if any) in any of it being real. I've made the comment several times that I'm 99.99% sure its all made up, but that .01 needs to be satisfied! If you say you've seen a Bigfoot, that's awesome! I won't doubt your story. The problem is (for me anyway) what Believers present as "evidence" and "proof", its severely lacking in nearly every respect. I've never seen a Bigfoot, but there have been 3 times in my life when I can say I have seen a UFO. That meaning I saw something in the sky and I can't tell you what it was. Do I think it was an alien craft? No, I just think it was something I could not discern from where I was seeing it. That's what sets me apart from a Believer, I can't suspend my critical thinking skills to the point that the dots I saw in the sky become an alien craft.

I began to post on FB/FB about all the silliness they "confirm", their inconsistencies on "strategic intelligence", but they stand by the road all the time it seems, the "Bigfoot are aggressive when they grunt at you while hiding behind a tree where you cant see them", the Blobsquatch "confirms on all points", you get the drift.  After posting there one day several months ago I was invited to join the "Bigfoot Free Thinkers Group".  A private group of around 45 run by a Believer (and not so free thinking it turned out) and this group was my first real introduction to Musky Allen.
I think we all know it was a set up now, but at the time Musky was kinda funny in my eye. He railed against Believers on FB/FB he "Liked" my posts in Free Thinkers, we seemed to agree on a lot of FB/FBs just plain goofiness at times. This goes on for well, about as long as Musky was the "guy to hate" on FB/FB.

And then Dyer claims he has a body, again................

Ugh, why Believers, why? Why is this guy still around? Why do you listen to anything he says?

Musky says he's invited to see the body and it all makes perfect sense. We can go over the who, what, when, where, and why but the day it was announced I knew exactly how this was to go down and I posted my thoughts on Free Thinkers.

Musky has been a plant the whole time. Become the most hated skeptic on FB/FB, become internet famous enough that you become the "end all beat all skeptic" on Bigfoot discussion pages, you and Dyer meet up somewhere to view the "body" and BOOM you become a true believer! Just what the Believers need to buy into Dyers (and your) scam. That Musky guy was a true believer, he studied under a Bigfoot researcher I've kinda heard about. Well if Musky thinks it's real, then it's gotta be!  Hes been going after Believers forever! Why spend all this time hating Believers only to become one.

Well folks, we see that's exactly were we are today. Believers who think Musky is a real skeptic turned true believer hold him up as "proof" Dyer has a body. Even though the Musky of 6 months ago would tear the Musky of today limb from limb if he posted his "story" on FB/FB about his "real" Bigfoot encounter.

You see Musky always gave himself the perfect "out" so to speak. "Show me a body, then I'll believe". Low and behold Dyer of all people in the act of making a movie in the 11th hour on the last day shoots in the back a Bigfoot that he baited with ribs stuck to a tree.

Not too long after it's posted that Musky sticks his foot in his mouth over inviting Meldrum to see the body.  I posted the article in Free Thinkers and all of a sudden I have a PM from Musky himself. A person I have only contacted one other time when a member left Free Thinkers and I never got a response. Now he is messaging me personally to stop posting about his inconsistencies.

Here is the conversation, spelling, grammar errors, and all!

Musky Allen
Read my comment, i never said it was for the body. I answered the question why he wasn't invited and explained it, unfortunately people assumed it was about the Vegas trip, it was not!.....
Seriously, my only falt was i should have explained that in my comment which people twisted.

This is a cut and copy of what you posted....Fact is, I exhausted myself to try and arrange Jeff Meldrum to accompany me with repeated emails...Instead his ego and greed was more important requesting his 'Standard' appearance fee (in the tune of $5,500 even though there was to be no filming) paid accommodations, and full travel expenses paid was the response. Where exactly were you trying to get him to accompany you? If not to see the body. The jig is up Musky, sorry.

Musky Allen
To Snell Grove expedition in 2009 shortly after the MonsterQuest episode he did in that area.....

Why bring that up nearly 5 years later about something entirely different? Sorry, 4 years

Musky Allen
I didn't think i had to explain all the details how i knew his fees....The point i was addressing was all the comments in why Meldrum wasn't invited to Vegas, I clearly explained why in my original comment....
Do you understand?

So you or Dyer wont or haven't invited him because of an previous invite he responded to 4 years ago.

Musky Allen
Where the Fuck did i say anything about Vegas, please do tell?
....Fact is, I exhausted myself to try and arrange Jeff Meldrum to accompany me with repeated emails...Instead his ego and greed was more important requesting his 'Standard' appearance fee (in the tune of $5,500 even though there was to be no filming) paid accommodations, and full travel expenses paid was the response

How many Official statements have you made? Musky, you always said you were the "show me a body" guy well Musky..... Show us the body. You always ranted to believers about their stories as "not good enough", well your story isn't good enough and is unraveling already. Maybe fewer "official statements" would be a good idea.

Musky Allen
D.G., this is not a match about believing. There is a whole host of issues to 'Show the body' which will happen. But rest assured, you better join the fact it's 100% true. I'm telling you this as a friend, no bullshit.

We'll see Musky. Personally, I am waiting for the day FB/FB has to close shop over this. If you're out to discredit them then I tip my hat to you. But I wont be holding my breath that this is (one) real, and (two) that FB/FB will actually close shop when they are wrong. For now IMO this is a total sham, if/when something comes along to change my mind I will apologize to you personally.

Musky Allen
D.G., this claim, including mine will be real and proven, this i know! But for heavens sakes dude, don't be part in spreading the mis-information with my comments....I totally explained how my comment about Meldrums fees was not about Dyer what-so-ever...

Again, we will see.

Musky Allen

Not that exciting huh?  But why single me out, the article was plastered all over. Well he was to try to convert me to "Camp Musky" I think. I didn't buy into his conversion and was vocal about it in Free Thinkers, a group that by this time I was the lone active skeptic. Musky wants me to think his comments were "taken out of context" even though he framed them perfectly in his response.

After that I post another article in Free Thinkers showing that Musky isn't who he seems to be. I can't recall the exact article, but after posting it I noticed that Musky was no longer on the members list for Free Thinkers, he wasn't even on the Admins list, the link to his FB page was gone on our PM discussion, his picture was gone, and Facebook was telling me he no longer existed. I made the comment that Musky was gone it seemed.

Well long story short, Musky was still there, but had blocked me from seeing his presence. Keep in mind that the conversation cut and pasted from Facebook above is the only contact I have EVER had with Musky personally. I did something he didn't like, showed a group consisting of 45 dyed in the wool Believers that Musky is a con artist.

The Admin on Free Thinkers told me that Musky was her friend and since Musky was telling her that he hadn't blocked me the problem must be on my end. I checked my settings...... Nope no blocked users. I informed the Admin (keep in mind this discussion was in front of the whole group not just between us) and what do I get for insisting that I was the "blockee" and not the "blocker"? I get kicked out of Free Thinkers because the admin was "bored" with me pleading my case.

That's how a con man works folks. They want you to think they are your friend. And I think Musky is a Confidence Man unlike the Bigfoot Community has ever seen. He needs to keep the Believers in check or this whole thing falls apart. No group, no matter how small can know what Musky is really up to.

Why do I say this?

The Admin for Free Thinkers was gloating to the other members of the group that she kicked me out for "Not stopping" on my Musky banishment. She was so thrilled about it that she felt the need to PM me the comments being made by the Believers in the group that they finally kicked out the last remaining skeptic. I removed some of the names, after all it is/was a private group and I am respecting their privacy no matter how badly I want to publicly shame them! But I left Musky in there to show you just how slippery the con man works.

At first I hesitated about posting this since its a private group. But the Admin of that group sent me this message when I was no longer a member of said group. I have not betrayed the Free Thinkers, their Admin in a moment of what I think was swelling pride that she did a good thing for her buddy Musky and couldn't contain his/herself.

Here is what their Admin sent me, cut and pasted, exactly like the conversation with Musky above:

Here u go...also liked by 3 of  their members who did not comment.
Free Thinkers Admin
Members: I removed D.G. for the good of the group...he would not end the subject and this was in no way beneficial.

Like · · Unfollow post · 311 · 14 minutes ago
Seen by 8
Musky Allen and 2 others like this.
Private Member i read it . and i cant find the place where you asked him to stop. it looked as though you were discussing it with him. did all of the admins vote on it? just asking?
11 minutes ago · Like
Musky Allen I agree. If he's going to post things constructive instead of posting crap for a smear campaign then he needs to go! We have too many people like D.G. that their main goal is off topic. You can scroll down and see his own words were he boost how his comments are attracting attention.
11 minutes ago · Like · 1
Free Thinkers Admin He did not stop posting (name removed).
10 minutes ago · Like · 1
 Private Member  ok i guess i just read the post below this one. i must have missed something
9 minutes ago · Like
Musky Allen (Name removed), he had an agenda, it was to post everywhere to spread gossip wich mainly was comprised of Mis-information.
9 minutes ago · Like
Private member  good didnt bring anything but attacks
8 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1
Musky Allen exactly (name removed)
    6 minutes ago · Like
Private member D.G. called me thin skinned and a few things in the past , i do know what it is like to be called things by D.G. i tried to not let it bother me , because i know i am not thin skinned just a human , with normal skin and feelings
5 minutes ago · Unlike · 2
Free Thinkers Admin THANK the Lord u lot are ok with what I did LOL I thought u was all going to complain at me for doing it !!! I just wanted what is best for the group, I did not do it for Muskys sake (nomatter what D.G. thinks in pm).
5 minutes ago · Like · 1
Free Thinkers Admin  (name removed) I was hesitant in acting cus (name removed) left the group after I deleted the wolf hunting photo, he said we were "censorship central". I was worried FB would shut us down if anyone complained again (after the deer photo incident). So it has made me feel as though I cannot act against anything, cus I do not want people to think we delete/block willy nilly. It will put people off joining our very SMALL group.
A few seconds ago · Like

Ya see that first comment made where that user thought all I was doing was responding to the Admin? You then see Musky swoop in to discredit the conversation and how it actually happened. I was simply discussing it with her.

But the key parts are Musky's comments.  Keep in mind I was gone at this point, I couldn't defend or comment on what was talking place here. "He (being myself) has an agenda."  Yup you can see it right there. My posting the flaws in the Dyer/Musky hoax is an agenda to discredit Musky, straight from Musky's mouth... errrr fingers.

Musky can not have anything he says or does brought into question with Believers. And he twists his confidence game back at me. "Look that guy had an agenda, but I'm your buddy. Don't listen to all that stuff about my involvement in this "hoax". Come on we're friends right!" (You'll note he used the friends line on me in his PM plea to stop). Even the Admin on Free Thinkers called Musky her "friend", that's what a con man does, make you think hes your friend!

Does it stop there? No, come on!  I'm much to far a threat to Musky evidently! I must be stopped!

That same day while I was messing with my Settings trying to convince the Free Thinkers Admin that I hadn't blocked Musky I came across a message from John Robey. John had seem my comments on FB/FB and asked me to look into a Facebook page called "Bigfoot Warz".  Through my PMs with a former Admin of Free Thinkers and fellow skeptic (who got booted off Free Thinkers once, then resigned later) Bill Reynolds turned me onto the 'Warz" site as well. So I joined! Bill did warn me that Musky was an Admin there and would probably give me the boot. The funny thing being, since Musky blocked me he couldn't see me.  I was approved by one of the pages admins and I made exactly 4 posts there.

1. To thank Bill and John for the invite

2. A Napoleon Dynamite movie quote in reference to a post about a Liar

3. a comment on a post about Musky that "The Musky of 6 months ago would tear the Musky of today a new one!" and that I would have a short shelf life on the site since Musky can boot me.

4. a comment where a member was saying how brave Musky is for taking all this flack. Hes not brave I said, hes a coward.

Obviously those are some pretty heady posts, right! They must have been, because I checked in the next day to find that I was no longer a member of "Warz". A very short shelf life indeed.

Why am I no longer a member of 'Warz"?  I cant tell you at this point. Bill Reynolds it seems started a post in my defense there and Musky is saying that "I repeatedly posted an article with his fathers home address". I NEVER POSTED AN ARTICLE ON "Warz", and the only other page I posted on up to that point was Free Thinkers, a closed group. If any article had Musky's Dads address in it he didn't think to tell the Admins of that page, since they left everything I posted up. I can't speak on all this personally but this is what has been described to me by Bill Reynolds, a person I am inclined to trust.

 So there you have it folks.  A true con-man doing his best A-game. Using his new found support from the group who up until a couple weeks ago he despised and held utter contempt for.

Musky thrust himself willingly head first into this shit storm. Did he stop to think that anyone might actually check out what hes said after claiming to see what would be the greatest discovery in modern history?

Nah, maybe he thought his confidence man routine was up to snuff, and maybe that the Believers would rally to support him, and he could use both of them, along with Admin power to block anyone that might try to tell anyone otherwise. From what I hear I'm not the only one of Musky's "friends" he has given the boot to on discussion forums.

It appears I am not the only one with an agenda.........

But I could be wrong...............

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