Saturday, February 23, 2013

Smells Like Squatch Spirit

Rick Dyer Bigfoot Hoaxer

             Editor’s Note: This is a post by Bigfoot Research News contributor, DG

Wikipedia defines desperation as the emotional state of despair in which a person feels a situation to be hopeless and without satisfactory options. Decisions made in desperation may be more rash, impulsive, and inappropriate than those made in a rational frame of mind.

How can desperation effect your critical thinking skills? I gleamed these 2 statements off the web with just a couple of minutes of searching:

1. When you are desperate you will fail to analyze the situation properly. This means you draw the wrong conclusions, leading to wrong decisions.

2. Desperation makes you vulnerable. People will take advantage of you when they realize that you are desperate.

Why bring up an emotional state when talking about Bigfoot? Well how I see it most Bigfoot discussions become heated due to the individual posters emotional state when it comes to Bigfoot.

I think its manifested mostly by Believers. You never see a skeptic say "its my belief that Bigfoot doesn't exist". Why? Well I think its because we maintain an emotional detachment from the situation that Believers cannot. Its all about what they "know" and "believe" not what their brain is screaming at them at certain times that they seem to totally ignore..

I'm a skeptic and I can entertain the idea of a world with an 800 pound upright walking creature hiding in my shed. A Believer (and I speak only on my own experience and interpretations) cannot entertain the idea of a world without the Big Guy waiting on their back porch for them to put an apple out for them. They are emotionally invested in Bigfoot for whatever reason. I'm sure I could find all sorts of Psycho-babble on the subject either way, but that's not why we are here. We're here for Bigfoot, bless his nonexistent heart.

Desperation for validation in their belief that Bigfoot is out there is what facilitates guys like Dyer and Musky (and Ketchum). And to try to explain what I am stepping in here lets breakdown just how Dyer is releasing his "body".

Definitive proof that an unknown to science human like primate has been roaming the forests of North American for thousands of years would fundamentally change not only science on many levels it will also change us in very profound ways. Yea, a skeptic is saying that if it happens heads will explode. 

The person who finally brings in a body living or dead will be one of the most famous adventurers in history, right up there with the greats we all grew up reading about. Books will be written, movies made, TV specials, museums would exhibit anything they could, and that person would make money hand over fist. The world will go nuts for Bigfoot.

So what does the guy that says he has one do? Well he's waiting for a movie to come out at a film festival to reveal it. This is the equivalent of awarding the Nobel Prize during a 6 year old's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

So lets get to the point of what a small production company showing their movie at a festival is all about. How I understand it is that you are hoping some larger company will either buy, sell, or distribute your film. It is not the venue one would chose to drop the largest scientific find of the past century on. Its all wrong, it makes no sense, but yet Believers in their desperation see this as somehow lending credibility to Dyers story. Any rational person would look at these 2 as having nothing in common and if you really think about it there's no way to put an actual Bigfoot body and a movie festival together.

Which brings me to the second point on how this makes no sense. If you are Minnow Films and you own the body (Dyer claims he does not own the body) do you make some quiet little film about it and hide the body away until you release it? NO! You call Disney, Universal, Paramount, hell even Harvey Weinstein personally and you get the whole thing re-shot in IMAX 3D at 48 frames per second with top of the line cameras. You get every scientist involved on camera to blow the minds of the world at large!

But is that what's happening?

Of course not, because there is no body and it seems like the movie isn't about Dyer solely or even what happened when he "shot" Bigfoot. Here is the short synopsis of "Shooing Bigfoot", "Monsters and Men" or whatever its being titled.

"A fascinating and touching portrait of men who are obsessed with monsters and their adventures to find them."
Huh? What? Shouldn't that read "Lifetime Bigfoot hunter finds redemption and evidence that will alter history and science as we know it" at the very least?

How can you not see that this is totally ridiculous? How can you put 1 and 1 together and get a duck? Desperation, that's how. It will validate what you have "known" for years because nothing else found since we all went Bigfoot crazy after Patty holds up. And Dyer is taking advantage of this to his own end.

So lets look at what we actually have:
A used car salesman that hoaxed a Bigfoot body only 4 short years ago is telling you that he has one again, his crony buddy Musky is the only other human that he's allowed to see and discuss it, a nut case Facebook page is along for the ride, and a small production company owns the single most important scientific discovery of our lifetimes but is sitting on it until their movie is released.

Yea, seems legit.

I am starting to think that there may actually be a body. A fake body made at the request of Minnow Films to promote their movie. And Dyer has globbed onto it in a vain self promoting way either at their behest or without to work us all up into a froth. Because Minnow Films is selling a movie, not an actual scientific discovery. Hype sells movies, it does not enter into the scientific method.
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  1. Well done! Just for the record, I think Bigfoot exists, but it's not any where near Rick Dyer.
    I laughed at the analogy of the Nobel Prize and Chuck E. Cheese, that was brilliant.

  2. Nice job! "Of Monsters and Men is in-depth but warm study of monster-hunting men, exploring what drives them forward and where their beliefs began." Morgan Matthews Tribeca Film Institute

  3. Great assessment regarding desperation. Poor assessment regarding who is desperate in this scenario. The desperate shoe is on your other bigfoot.