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 Editors note: this is a blog post by Bigfoot Research News contributor, Dr. Mathew A. Johnson. You can join his Facebook Group here: Team Sasquatchin USA
 1. You believe that Bigfoot is a descendent of Gigantopithicus (Latin for giant mountain ape). If you believe that Bigfoot is a dumb giant mountain ape, then you believe that Bigfoot is stupid enough to actually walk into a trap (i.e., “Daisy is in the box”) or dumb enough to habituate itself with a bunch of homeless people in San Antonio TX so a well known LIAR and HOAXER can have the opportunity to shoot it in the back of the head. ON THE OTHER HAND, if you believe that the Bigfoot Species are actually “Forest People” (i.e., That the North American Indians are actually correct by considering them a Tribe/Clan of people who are intelligent and have a spoken language….. which I and several other Bigfooters have recorded them speaking and Scott Nelson has developed a chart of words that the “Forest People” have spoken all over North America), then you realize that there’s no way on God’s green Earth that a Bigfoot/Forest Person would ever be stupid enough to walk into a trap or habituate itself with homeless people so it could be shot in the head. A snowball has a better chance at surviving on the Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii than anyone has at capturing or killing a Bigfoot/Forest Person.
2. You lack serious experience in the field Researching/Habituating with the Bigfoot/Forest People. Anyone who’s been out there researching/habituating in the field several times a year for a decade or longer has a very good understanding as to exactly how elusive the Bigfoot/Forest People can be. “Newbies”, “Armchair Enthusiasts”, and “Online Investigators” can’t possibly understand this. The Bigfoot/Forest People are clearly “Technology Avoidant”. Otherwise, how can you explain the obvious lack of any good pics or videos even though there’s a plethora of Deer Cams/Video Cams hanging on trees all over the USA and Canada? How do you explain the fact that even though our research team used Deer Cams/Video Cams for ten years, we constantly found the Bigfoot/Forest People tracks stopping shy of the camera triggering range and altering their course to avoid the cameras? Yet, when we removed the Deer Cams/Video Cams, then and only then, they would hit the “Bait Piles” and take the food. They avoided the technology time and time again for ten straight years. The evidence is clear. They’re extremely intelligent, have a spoken language, and they’re very adept at avoiding people, Deer Cams, and Video Cams. THEREFORE, ONCE AGAIN, there’s no way on God’s green Earth that they’re going to walk into a trap or allow themselves to habituate with homeless people so they can be killed. It’s just not going to happen. If you have any serious field experience and understanding of the Bigfoot/Forest People, then you know it’s not going to happen with 100% confidence. There’s simply no debating this fact unless you lack the necessary field experience to understand this indisputable FACT.

3. You have a desperate desire for resolution/vindication via anyone, even a known liar and hoaxer, presenting a Bigfoot body as irrefutable evidence that the species really does exists. Your strong need to prove to your family, friends, neighbors, professional colleagues, and/or State Agencies that Bigfoot/Forest People exists overrides common sense and the facts that clearly point to the reality that it’s just another hoax. There’s a part of you that is clearly telling you that it’s a hoax but there’s that other part of you that desperately needs and wants someone to present a Bigfoot/Forest Person body so this whole issue can be resolved and you can be vindicated. I get this. I understand this. HOWEVER, I’m not willing to sacrifice my own credibility or the credibility of the Bigfoot community by tossing common sense and the facts out the window in the hope that a well known LIAR and HOAXER actually has a body. The inconsistent and contradicting facts of the case speak for themselves. Rick Dyer is an admitted liar and hoaxer. He said that he could hoax the Bigfoot community again and he’s doing it. Musky Allen lied about trying to involve Dr Jeff Meldrum and he lied about working with Rene Dahinden. Those who have worked with Rene Danhinden say that they don’t know Musky Allen and that they’ve never met Musky Allen. There are numerous other inconsistent and contradicting facts but that doesn’t move you off the fence because you desperately want to and need to be vindicated. You’re willing to sacrifice your own credibility and the credibility of the Bigfoot community because your desperation to be vindicated causes you to buy the lie.

4. You’re a few fries short of a Happy Meal. You mean well but you’re the gullible and naïve type. You want to believe that a leopard can change it’s spots. You want to believe the best about people and that an admitted liar and hoaxer who said he could pull off another hoax again is actually being honest this time. After all, people can change, right? Well, I’m a Christian and a Psychologist and I do believe that people can change. HOWEVER, they can only change when they admit that there’s a need for them to change. When you see them admit their wrong doings and proceed in an attitude of humility to make those changes in their life, then you will see that person change. There has been no admission of wrong doing. There has been no attitude of humility. There has been no change. The leopard has not changed his spots. NEVERTHELESS, you’re willing to buy the lie because you’re simply gullible and naïve. You simply don’t understand that there really are evil people out there who are willing to string you along with lies so they can make a profit off of your gullibility and naivety. In the end, you will feel used and angry when you realize that the admitted liar and hoaxer did exactly what he said he was going to do – Hoax the Bigfoot community for a second time.

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of the above categories, then you are vulnerable to being HOAXED by “Ed Smith” or “Rick Dyer”. Here is the cure to your vulnerability:

1. Think outside the box. Look at the facts. The Bigfoot/Forest People are NOT dumb giant mountain apes. They are NOT descendants of Gigantopithicus. Rather, they are a Tribe/Clan of very intelligent human-hybrids with a spoken language that has been recorded by myself and many others. Their spoken language has been verified by a retired Navy Linguist Specialist (i.e., Scott Nelson). They NOT stupid and won’t walk into a trap or allow themselves to habituate with homeless people and risk being caught or killed.

2. Get out into the field several times per year with experienced Researchers/Habituators. Then you’ll understand just how intelligent and elusive the Bigfoot/Forest People really are.

3. Commit yourself to TRUTH and INTEGRITY above a desperate need for proof and vindication. The proof and vindication will eventually come. When someone really does have a body, they will reveal the evidence immediately. They will have credible professionals, such as Dr Jeff Meldrum, involved immediately to verify the fact that they have a body rather than inviting someone who has no credentials, lies, constantly contradicts himself, and who’s testimony means absolutely nothing.

4. Attempt to engage in critical thinking and seek the facts from those who actually experienced
researchers and researching the facts.


1. Did you believe Rick Dyer’s 2008 Georgia Hoax (i.e., Bigfoot is in the freezer box)? Why did you believe it? When did you change your mind? What caused you to change your mind?

2. Did you believe the Ed Smith 2012 Hoax (i.e., “Daisy is in the box”)? Why did you believe it? When did you change your mind? What caused you to change your mind?

3. Do you believe that Rick Dyer was lying or telling the truth when he said that he could hoax the Bigfoot community for a second time? Why do you believe Rick Dyer this time? What will it take for you to change your mind again this time?

4. Do you believe that Musky Allen worked with Rene Dahinden even though people who really worked with Rene Dahinden report that they never met Musky Allen and never heard of Musky Allen? How can you believe an individual who is inconsistent and contradicts his own testimony? How can you believe a person who associates himself with a self-admitted liar and hoaxer? Is there any internal voice of morality or integrity within yourself that’s screaming out to you not to buy the lie? If yes, then why are you still buying the lie?

5. Do you believe Musky Allen when he said that he tried to get Dr Jeff Meldrum to come along with him to verify that Rick Dyer has a Bigfoot body but that Dr Jeff Meldrum arrogantly refused the offer because they wouldn’t pay his alleged appearance fee of $5,500 or do you believe Dr Jeff Meldrum who says it’s all a boldface lie? Dr Meldrum stated that Musky Allen NEVER attempted to contact him (i.e., There are no emails or phone calls) and that his appearance fee isn’t anywhere close to $5,500.

6. Do you understand that the “No Body – No Press” policy would nip all of this in the bud? There would be no squabbling in Bigfootdom.

7. Do you understand that there’s a difference between giving someone “Press” to help them perpetuate a HOAX versus the Bigfoot Community’s obligation to call Liars and Hoaxers on their crap when they allege that they have a Bigfoot body that they actually don’t have? We are responsible to maintain the integrity of our research field. If we blindly allow Liars and Hoaxers to purposely mislead us and the general public, then Bigfootdom loses credibility. If we don’t come to our senses and shut this HOAX down, it will happen over and over and over again and again and again. There will always be an Ed Smith, Tom Biscardi, Matt Whitton, Rick Dyer, or a Musky Allen. They need to receive a clear and consistent message from Bigfootdom – “No Body – No Press”!!! Put up or shut up!!!
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