Sunday, March 03, 2013

Florida Researcher Tim Fasano Speaks Out About The Current Hoax

Florida Researcher Tim Fasano

Tim Fasano spends a lot of his time looking for the southern Bigfoot, the 'Skunk Ape', in the vast swamps and woods of Florida. The man seems to have a true passion for the beast and is quite active in the Bigfoot community. Like many who stand in the forefront of the community he takes his fair share of flack. Whatever you might think of the guy I give him credit for at least being out in the field.

Recently he has spoken out about the current situation involving Rick Dyer's claims of shooting a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas. Here are some of the things he had to say.

Is Tom Biscardi behind Minnow Films Bigfoot hoax?

The last time Tom Biscardi called me on the phone he was in London England at Minnow Films in December 2011. Do I need to spell this out? His team learned their lesson in 2008 and now Bigfoot is presented as entertainment not science. The problem with this is the publicity with the movie "Shooting Bigfoot" is a hoax. They say it is real through stooges FB/FB, Rick Dyer, Musky Allen (FB/FB set up) and Christopher Noel (FB/FB shill). I know everything about this hoax. Over the last year I have had more conversations with the principles then anyone on earth. Its a hoax.
More on this can be found on his blog Is Tom Biscardi behind Minnow Films Bigfoot hoax?
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  1. I agree, people talk alot crap about him, but at least he is out in the field trying to gather evidence. He has what?... 900 videos to prove it! lol

    1. Videos of stumps & leaf piles is not evidence.