Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Insider Talks With Minnow Films About Rick Dyer's Movie

Minnow Films Shooting Bigfoot Hoax

Just received this information about the big movie Rick Dyer's starring in.

Hi guys....I had a friend in England call Minnow for me. The BBC show "Of Monsters and Men" is a film about men that hoax legendary monsters and the lengths people will go to to believe in the monster. A call to A&E's PR department yesterday confirms there is nothing in pre production at this time STARRING Rick Dyer. I will post this on FBFB as well since I believe this will be deleted. I am sorry to confirm that what Rick is housing out in Vegas is a prop for the BBC show. I have said it before...Rick is a sales and marketing genius and I need to invite him along on some of my sales calls so I can learn a thing or 2.
Sorry guys.....I think Rick is telling half truths. That is why he is so sure that people in this community are going to pay and look like fools. Its not because he has proof....its because he has been able to fool you all again.

Thanks Victoria K and simplyskyla for sharing this! And thanks Racer X for all your hard work on this!

This would only make sense since the only 2 people that we know of so far in this film are Dyer and Biscardi, the 2 biggest hoaxers in Bigfootdom. Here is a link to Biscardi's involvement :Shooting Sasquatch about alleged shooting of Bigfoot in Arkansas not Texas

The dirt just keeps piling up people! The house of lies is crumbling!


 This is a follow up post to "Of Monster's And Men" Not Selected For Tribeca Film Festival

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  1. Minnow films hasn't even released a statement about the film except the one the movie itself. Doubtful that we all waited in suspence and a simple phone call settled it. Your entire statement is a lie. Even if the movie was about hoaxes , why would they give up millions in sales by telling people. Idiot