Sunday, March 10, 2013

Matt Moneymaker's Take On The Hoax

Lie after lie after lie. That's all these guys have.

Musky Allen has claimed on several occasions that he was sued by Matt Moneymaker back in the day and that as a condition of the lawsuit his website had to be shut down. Which leads me to wonder, where is a shred of proof of this website and his 11,000 member group he claimed to have led? 

The fact is that there isn't any proof. It was all just a big concocted story. Well, what does Matt have to say about this?

On Sasquatch Scoop, Steve Alcorn posted a conversation he had on Twitter with Matt Moneymaker who says he has never sued anyone and calls it an outright lie.


And when asked about FB/FB's interview with Musky he said this:

And here is Matt's take on the Rick Dyer saga:

Matt Moneymaker Rick Dyer

As you can see, Matt has been down this road before and is all too wise for ole Tricky Dick's games.

Like I said before it's mostly the newbies to the scene and the people that are just begging to get their belief validated that are following this known hoaxer down a rabbit hole.
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