Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rick Dyer is Winning The War

Rick Dyer Winning

I'm starting to think that all this hoax bashing/busting is akin to chasing one's tail. It's just fueling the fire. It's like blog and blog radio wars, all day, every day. They find a crack, Rick seals it... Repeat

It's turned into a giant pissing contest.

The more holes we can find the more holes he can plug. It doesn't matter if we think we're right; his followers are standing behind him. The battle lines are drawn; people for the most part already have their minds made up. The only thing that has really shaken the ground enough to make a difference was the movie review coming out. That actually made some people that were maybe riding the fence question this whole thing. But Rick and Musky were quick to do damage control and twist the words into what their followers wanted to hear and it's game on again.

I honestly don't even think April 30th (the movie showing date) will put total closure to this. Unless his part is obviously about hoaxers and how they operate. I predict a Blair Witch type ending where it leaves the viewer in suspense and the majority of his followers clinging to their seats waiting for the sequel. Or maybe the film release is the endgame and his mission will have been completed. Either way he has a plan.

Rick Dyer is eating up every minute of all the bashing. That's just how Dyer's game works. His bashing is baiting, he wants a response. It perpetuates the cycle and gets the ball of attention rolling. The more people respond the more he gets propelled into the limelight and ultimately the more money he makes.

"He doesn't care what's being said about him just as long as it's him that's being talked about. It's all about the attention. He cries for attention....." Jeff S

The sad thing is I'm giving him attention by even writing this. So that being said, I will try and make this my last blog post about Rick unless it's something that sheds some humor or is really pertinent to actual Bigfoot.

Wake me up on April 31.

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