Friday, March 08, 2013

Steve "The Beast" Kulls Vs Rick "Freezer Boy" Dyer

Steve Kulls of Squatch Detective Radio has a weekly show he hosts every Thursday night. This week's show featured an invite for Rick Dyer to call in and face off with Mr. Kulls. Rick knew he was having a show so he sent his throngs of minions before hand to disrupt the chatroom but they were promptly dealt with and banned as soon as they started spouting off. These people really are lost, most of his followers are young people that are new to Bigfooting and just don't know any better yet. Or some just want their beliefs validated so badly or think he has redeemed himself after the '08 hoax.

Steve's show started off good, and despite the fact that Rick was having a show at the same time he eventually managed to call in. He started off by saying something like "How you doin brother" which reminded me of Hulk Hogan and how he used to talk to his adversaries. Then he immediately began to make false accusations towards Steve in a heated tone of voice and Steve quickly diffused the situation and dropped his call.

The nerve of these guys, they have nothing to back up any of their claims yet they just don't stop making up more crap. As far as I'm concerned it's Game Over for this hoax and with spring around the corner some more actual research shall commence and the community should have more to talk about.

Here is what Steve had to say about last night's freezer boy episode:

Why is Ricky Dyer trying to put me on the defensive? Doesn’t work too well now does it?
So this is to Rick,
Fact is, Rick, the only rule on Squatchdetective Radio is you lie…you get tossed.
Here’s my facts face against your lies:
Unlike your show, we have decorum, if you are going to yell and retort to lies and name calling…bye bye jackass.
You survived under a minute…guess ya lost. At least the last person that lied, lasted 43 minutes. But consider the source, would I expect any less?
You have no proof Ricky. Couldn’t provide any answer to my question; “prove it!”
Your response, just shout and name call.
Mr. Issleb can claim to have an audio tape of me. Well I know he does not, because that conversation with Jack never happened like that, period.
And by this, we will now see if FB/FB is in league with Dyer/Issleb like suggested by a few. I still have hope they are not. (See the corner the two liars have back themselves into with this claim?)  

Rick Dyer Musky Allen Hoax

But by this I can now say with 100% confidence that Issleb is a hoaxer and a liar and teamed with Dyer. So now that Issleb has proved what an internet troll he is by skulking around the Bigfoot community for the better part of ten months, claiming to be a “know it all skeptic,” we see him for what he really is; a hoaxer and a person who has to buy bus tokens to get from here to there and ranks up there with the lies of one of the worst we’ve ever seen, “Traylor Chuck!”

All this leads me to wonder, will there be a Round 2 down the road?

Read the rest of Steve's write up here: The Dyer challenge, lying, name calling and shouting gets him the boot in under a minute!
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