Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Team Tazer Girl Nadia Calling It Quits?


Well folks, it appears Nadia Moore has decided to call it quits in the Bigfootland of Facebook and has deactivated her account. She has been a valuable asset to Team Tazer and the Bigfoot community as a whole with her background in science and zoology. With her experience and knowledge she brought tenacity and intellect to the scientific aspects of Bigfoot research. She has followed the Ketchum DNA project very closely and has been very outspoken on her work, questioning and criticizing Dr. Ketchum at every corner. Now that Ketchum's DNA project and paper have been deemed uncredible it seems like Nadia is taking a break from the hoopla that has obviously frustrated her.

Here in her own words..

Well I don't know about the rest of you out there, but as a result of the Ketchum "Study" delivering the death knell on Bigfoot being taken seriously in the Scientific Community and the non-Bigfoot believing population in general, I feel like I am done even trying.  If Dr. Sykes fails to have success coming up with anything unequivocally verifiable and replicable by other legitimate scientists, because that is how peer review is supposed to work dear people, then I am afraid there never will be the kind of proof we need in order to be taken seriously.  Yes there is always the slight chance that a body might be obtained some day, by accidental means or happenstance hopefully, because I certainly am not a proponent of killing one just so we can study them, but since that has not happened historically I am fairly dubious it is going to happen now. 

She will be missed and hopefully she will return to the community now and again to grace us with her presence.

The rest of her write up can be found here:Bigfoot Or B.S.
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