Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Delusion Continues...

Robert Lindsay

Does everyone in the Bigfoot Community have "a source"? That only they know about and that will confide in just them? Well Robert Lindsay sure claims to. He is still 100% sure that Rick Dyer is not hoaxing.

How the hell can you be 100% sure if you haven't seen the body yourself and it has not yet been confirmed by scientists or on national media outlets?! I mean, even I am only 99.9% sure this is a hoax. Wasn't this the same guy who was so sure about Melba Ketchum's project?

Robert has been very outspoken against Rick's character as Rick has been about his, but he still thinks ole Tricky Dick has a real Bigfoot in his possession.

In his own words:

Bigfoot News March 15, 2013

Exciting news on Musky Allen’s visit to view Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot body. I am now 100% sure that Dyer has a dead Bigfoot that he shot and killed last September in San Antonio, Texas.
One reason is that I just learned some more about Allen’s visit to Las Vegas when he viewed the body. One thing I was uncertain about was whether or not Dyer was fooling Allen with a clever Hollywood movie prop. I was not sure whether Allen could tell the difference between a movie prop and a real dead body.
For the record, I know both Allen and the Facebook/Find Bigfoot guys, and neither of them is on any kind of a hoax. However, it remains possible that they are being hoaxed by Dyer, himself a notorious hoaxer.
Ok, let me get this straight.. you say your 100% sure that he has a dead Bigfoot but yet it's possible FB/FB is being hoaxed by Dyer?!  That's one helluva contradiction!

You can read the rest of his write up here:
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