Monday, March 11, 2013

Tim Fasano Discusses The Melba Ketchum DNA Study

Tim Fasano Talks About Bigfoot DNA

Tim Fasano recently spoke out about the current Bigfoot hoax and who he thinks the perpetrators behind it are.

Now we find him opening up about the Melba Ketchum DNA project with some very profound things to say about it.

George and Tim discuss recent Bigfoot news and the Melba Ketchum DNA study

I am willing to say what many people are afraid to say. Too many sacred cows in the Bigfoot world and I have no fear of stepping on toes. George heard the Ketchum interview on Coast to Coast radio the other night and I wanted to make him aware of some FACTS before he drank the "Kookaide." He is the host of a TV show and should know more about this study. There is Bigfoot DNA but they don't have it. YouTubers with baggies cannot do this. Sorry.

You can check out Tim's blog here:
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