Saturday, March 09, 2013

Who Is The Mastermind Behind The Current Bigfoot Hoax?


Who Is Behind Bigfoot Hoax?

The question still remains... Who is the mastermind behind the hoax?

As we try and get to the bottom of that question we'll start with one of the mouth pieces of the hoax, Musky Allen. Allen was instrumental in the confirming of the body which consequently sent the hoax into full swing. So thus began the investigations into who this Musky guy really is and is his background legit. After the picture started to paint itself we became pretty sure of 1 thing, and that is that Musky is a plant.

Then we have to look at who promoted his background? The one and only facebook find bigfoot. They told us he studied under Rene Dahinden and that he headed a group of 11,000 people until Matt moneymaker sued him thus forcing him to shut down his group. Well all of those things were thoroughly investigated and found out to be lies.

It just seems like the perfect storm, a hardcore skeptic gets set up by fb/fb to debate them and then gets an offer to see the body. It would have been one thing if Musky went and saw the body and came back and said well it looked like it could be a Bigfoot but since we don’t have any of them documented yet I can't really confirm it. Or that it could’ve been a prosthetic or a fake body of some kind. But no, he came back 100% confident what he saw was a Bigfoot. A complete 180 degree turn in his belief. And of course we're suppose to believe him. You know, the guy with the fake name we're suppose to believe on the greatest discovery of modern science. Another thing is why use a fake name to start with? Did you know you’d have to hide eventually? Just like fb/fb using fake names and they wouldn’t even show face for their book. Like we’ve said before it does seem weird that fb/fb would risk throwing it all away over a hoax. Unless of course this was a script from the start. So at the very least they are hoax promoters who propelled this whole thing into full steam. They entertained Musky, sold us his background, set up the debate and interviews and put the tent video at the #2 best Bigfoot video of all time behind the Patterson footage! When you can only see a head shot through a screen door of a tent! They awarded Rick Dyer researcher of the year and now they plan on doing the 3rd and final interview with Musky? Man, they're just putting the nail in their own coffin. They should've never done that award interview with Rick and they should just drop this Musky thing. They did say if this is a hoax they would shut down their site so looks like they are neck deep in the shit storm. 

What made me think this was a hoax right away was the fact on how this Bigfoot acted. If you look at behavior patterns for Bigfoots and for Rick it all leads to one conclusion, a hoax. I understand a lot of Bigfooters are hungry and want their belief validated  but this was a joke from the start. Ok, so Bigfoot an extremely elusive creature is going to walk into camp twice with armed men and camera crews and sit and eat the ribs right there?! Even a squirrel takes it food somewhere. Did it sit down in a lawn chair too? Talk about a tall tale. 

So the question still remains who is the mastermind behind the hoax? Is it fb/fb, is it Tricky Dick, or could it be Biscardi his mentor? Only time will tell...
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