Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why is Bigfoot So Afraid of Us?

Bigfoot Art By Hercules Hart
Artist:Bryan Hercules Hart
Bigfoot, the mysterious 8-foot tall, 800-pound, bipedal beast that still remains undiscovered...

If Bigfoot does indeed exist, it has done an amazing job at avoiding us. As of 2013 we don't have any tangible evidence. No body, no bones, not even very good pictures or video (minus the Patterson film which is still a topic of debate in itself).

So let's just say they are a real living breathing being. How have they managed to avoid us like the plague for this long despite all the technology and people trampling through the woods looking for them? Not one hunter has bagged one, not one hiker has stumbled upon a body, and not one security camera or trail cam has gotten conclusive footage.

The only answer I can come up with is that they are human beings. The special forces of the forest, an elite breed fully adapted and aware of it's forest surroundings. To me, no animal that large could be this intelligent at hiding from us. To call them an ape is an insult.

We can go out in the woods and find moose, bears, wolves, mountain lions but we never seem to find Bigfoot. Why is that? Are they just that rare and smart to know we are the end all of their way of life?

I've heard all sorts of stories about the Native Americans interacting with them and actually waring with them. If anyone would know about Sasquatch I would think it would be the Native Americans. They spent most of their lives bearing the elements, hunting, and were very in tune with nature.

So let's say the Bigfoots witnessed what the white man did to the Native Americans and are smart enough to teach and tell stories about those accounts. They saw that the white man brought superior weapons that could take down large game or a person in the blink of an eye. They also saw how we cleared lands and set up permanent residence and must of marveled at our ways. Our technology has to be pretty impressive to them to say the least.

A Bigfoot would have to know he could take us one on one in a fist fight. But maybe what they fear most is actually invisible. Who's to say that our viruses and diseases haven't plagued them like smallpox did to the Native Americans? Maybe they fear our viruses and diseases more then anything. For all we know they carry things that we are not adapted or immune to as well.

There is still so much speculation and curiosity to this whole mysterious phenomena. So many unanswered questions.. Alls I know is they do a helluva good job at avoiding human contact. I truly believe if and when they are finally discovered that they may very well turn out to be, a lot like us...
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  1. I'm probably not the best person to answer this (Important) question. I'm just an 'armchair' web surfer on the subject. But living here in the U.K. I've been a wildlife enthusiast most of my life and watched all the good Nature TV shows. The many hundreds of 'encounter stories' I've read and thought about lead me to answer this...

    From the behaviour reported in the witness statements, it seems to me, that this animal has a high intelligence compared to other animals in its environment. It (reportedly) seems to be sometimes a hunter of deer and small mammals. It's physical strength and consequent agility - allied to sensory abilities, for hunting, may be more highly developed than human senses, all contributes towards a capacity to elude Man.
    Add, that it certainly seems be feel some kinship with man. A similarity, which means we aren't seen a a food source. (Which is a very good thing given its physical attributes) All this, at least explains its 'capacity' to elude Man when it wishes to. Though it still leaves big questions, as to how and why it interacts with us in such an elusive fashion.

    It seems to evaluate the level of threat posed to it; where.. when children interact with it, it is less elusive. But with adults and if they are armed with a rifle, it may be aware of more danger.

    But even saying that, the level of its elusivity is pretty marked, given its power and strength. Because what comes out in witness statements, time and again, is that it has such an overpowering presence, that we humans are intimidated by it. So why wou;ld it hide so much?

    Elusivity though, is also a characteristic of foxes! They too are predominately nocturnal, which Bigfoot seems to be also, to an extent. Most wildlife - mammals and birds - have the ability to keep themselves at a distance from Man and its a sensible characteristic to have, so its not totally unusual, for a creature which definitely shows semi-human characteristics, while possessing animal characteristics. It's a 'wild' creature too.

    That's my best shot, as to why!

    Michael. (Birmingham U.K.)

  2. does it strike anyone else that this whole question denotes a good degree arrogance on the part of humanity? To think sasquatch developed their secretive abilities in response to witnessing what europeans inflicted upon the "indiginous" people of this continent is a bit shortsighted. Working within the paradigm that sasquatch evolved on this planet over millenia, and that they most likely arrived on this continent long before homo sapiens did, if they didnt arise here originally, then they as a species have faced a wide array of predatory species easily as dangerous as westerners, at least up to the point of our development of automatic weapons, in the forms of pleistocene, and earlier, megafauna carnivores which had evolved specifically within that environment. For sasquatch to be one of the few surviving species that made it to the present day clearly indicates not only intelligent adaptablity, but also a highly effective ability for predator evasion honed through periods of high level pressure from multiple apex level predator species utilizing widely diverse hunting stratagies ranging from solo hunters to pack/group techniques. After perservering through thousands of years of that, keeping out of sight from just one species of nearly blind, hairless midgets probably aint all that difficult.....

  3. They absolutely do not trust us. I am followed by them and recently as close as 30 ft now. They just want food that I leave them. It has taken me more than 4 years to earn their trust. They know I only want to help them not hurt them. I don't blame them. I don't trust anyone out in the wilderness either!!