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A Close Encounter With Bigfoot


When someone see's a Bigfoot it has no choice but to change their life. But to be able to see one up close, well that is nothing short of amazing. This is one account of just that. A class A sighting that takes place in Washington State.

Here in his own words..

This is a post by Barry T. 

I have never shared my encounter in a public forum. I've pretty much kept it between myself and a handful of others.. I'd like to share it with you all here. It may not seem very spectacular reading it, but it was something that changed me forever..

I had never really known much about Sasquatch growing up. I remember seeing the Patterson-Gimlin Film and hearing the term Bigfoot a few times but that was the extent of my knowledge. That would all change. 

My father was in the Army and after moving all over the world, we ended up at Ft. Lewis Washington at the end of 1977, I was 15 at the time and I had always loved the woods and forest and I was in heaven there. My friends and I would go out and hike different areas, and explore where ever we could.
Looking back in retrospect, there were many incidents that at the time seemed inconsequential, things such as rock throwing, wood knocking, hearing strange vocalizations and one time seeing two dark figures seemingly walking across a meadow but the distance was fairly great so I thought nothing of it.

In the fall of 1978, just after my 16th birthday, me and a friend were out and decided to check out around Lewis Lake, the day was fairly uninteresting, a few critters but nothing spectacular. We were heading southwest on some trails that lead towards the river. The trail was maybe 9 to 10 feet wide, pretty wooded on the left and a sparsely wooded incline leading to a tree line on the right. We were joking and cutting up when I caught a scent of something God awful, it was a very musky stench of sulfur and wet dog mixed with the local land waste. We heard a loud snap as if a tree branch was being broken. Very soon after about 30 to 40 feet ahead and left, a massive Dark brown figure stepped out on to the trail. We both were frozen in our steps. With one step it was in the middle of the trail, and my mind could not make sense of what this was.

I can remember it as clear as the day it happened, this was a very large creature, 8 to 8 1/2 feet tall, its body was massive and must have weighed 600+ pounds. It had turned to look at us, but it turned from the waist not the neck. It was completely hair covered except for the face area from the brow area to below the lower lip. The facial area was a grayish color skin, or may have been very short hair. The body was long thick brown hair of different shades, and various lengths. The face looked somewhat human, with a bit of a broader nose, and a wider mouth, and thick brow ridge. It had large eyes but I could not see any distinct color other then black. The shoulders were very broad and the head seemed to sit on the shoulders, the arms were muscular and seemed a bit longer then ours, not quite to the knees but very close, It had very distinct and visible fingers. The legs were very thick and muscular. This thing just looked powerful and it was very intimidating.

It only looked at us for a few seconds, but it seemed much longer then that. It never showed any sign of aggression but rather let out what to me was a grunt, or breath of air, maybe it's just in my mind, but it sounded like a sigh of disgust, as we were inconveniencing him. He then turned took one more step and had crossed the trail and walked up the hill on the right. We stood and watched him as he walked up reaching out on occasion grabbing trees on the way up, it never looked back once. Once it disappeared into the tree line, me and my friend looked at one another, and without saying a word we took off running towards home. We never discussed it with anyone else other than our parents. Only being 16, I didn't want to be ridiculed by anyone, me and my buddy were just plain terrified about it, and he didn't even want me to bring it up.

Anyway, my life changed that day. I realized that I had witnessed something very unique and special.. My fear subsided after time and I guess I have developed a great respect for these creatures. I thank you for the opportunity to tell you of my encounter and share the experience.

Washington Sasquatch Encounter
This is actually the one that most resembles what I seen, the color was different, but VERY close.

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