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Bigfoot Orientation: One Person's Story


Bigfoot Orientation

I, like many Bigfoot enthusiasts find myself all over the place when it comes to browsing the web researching the Big Fella. Initially, I had a few groups that I would frequent, and over time I noticed a new face in the crowd. One with vigor and enthusiasm for the subject that rivaled my own. I was intrigued at how one could jump into the subject so head strong and with such enthusiasm. So I asked this person if they wouldn't mind sharing their story on what got them interested in Bigfoot and why the fascination with the subject. So here in her own words she tells her story... 

Editor’s Note: This is a post by Crystal Devine

I don't recall the exact moment or time that I became interested in the possibility of Bigfoot. I've actually never had a sighting myself. I'd say it was maybe 3-4 yrs ago when from time to time Bigfoot would make its way into my thoughts. 

I remember watching Harry and the Hendersons numerous times as a child but never remember worrying or thinking about it after the credits had rolled. Besides, I was primarily an inner city kid until the age of 10.

I then became interested in a lot of animal shows and documentaries on television. It was quality programming as far as I was concerned and I couldn't get enough. I'm sure at one point I watched a documentary that contained Bigfoot. Maybe, at that point, my mind was taking note subliminally.

At first I would mention Bigfoot in a joking manner. Considering what it would be like to have coffee with him. Then I joked of fearing him. Well, it was only 1/2 joking. I knew next to nothing of the characteristics of Bigfoot, but after dark he infiltrated my mind along with the other possible night creatures lurking, waiting to paralyze me when I went out for a late night smoke. A boogie man if you will. 

I delved a bit deeper and began watching the Patterson/Gimlin film a few times in a row and the Jack's Links Messing with Sasquatch commercials. During season 2 a friend told me about the Finding Bigfoot show that aired on Animal Planet and I managed to catch an episode or two of that. 

By October of 2012 something overcame me and I became absolutely fascinated by Bigfoot. I really started researching the internet and found there was a whole community of people who shared in that interest and the spectrum was vast. From non believers and skeptics to believers in the possibility to 'no doubt about it, they exist' believers. So I settled right in and made this place my home. I now can't get my hands on enough Bigfoot related info. I enjoy every aspect and hearing views and theories from everyone. I've become just as fascinated with the people as I have the subject itself. 

My main source of contributing by the way of facebook had been humor and nonsense since I joined and here I find myself engaging in intellectual conversation among intelligent people. I'm taking something serious and giving it rational thought. I'm using logic to sort through a never-ending forest of information provided by people from all walks of life. Each having their own unique story to tell, sometimes including a soundtrack or photograph mementos. 

It seems silly to some, but makes perfect sense to me that I've made light of some of the most serious issues that arose in our time but have found a way to put forth convincing, well thought out arguments concerning a subject that has zero scientific backing and absolutely no concrete, solid evidence of its existence recorded to date. 

Bigfoot. That's how I roll. 

You can check out Crystal's blog here: Three Strides and her Facebook group here: Three Strides

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