Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bigfoot Spotted in the UK?

Bigfoot Spotted in the UK

Could there actually be Bigfoot in Britain? Great Britain, while it doesn't seem like the ideal place for Bigfoot to roam in comparison to the United States, still holds on to some heavily forested areas and is littered with mountains. This video was filmed not too far from the England/Scotland border.

Bigfoot Spotted In Kershope Forest                                                                            This video was sent to us and the witness wishes to remain anonymous.
It was filmed in Kershope Forest in Kielder.
A few weeks back I recorded a video on my phone of a creature in the trees. It was big and had black hair. It looked like a human ape man. I need to show someone this video but it mentions my name on it and I do not want my identity revealed. I pulled over to the side of the road to have have a p*ss and my girlfriend got out to stretch her legs. She went walking into this forest and she shouted for me to come. When I got there we saw this thing walking up the centre of this trail. When it saw us it went into the trees and I got out my phone. I filmed it as it walked away but my girlfriend was scared and she did not want me to go any closer so I backed away. the video is not great quality but it shows this bloody thing. it had a head like a gorilla. it was gorilla like but walked like a human being.

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  1. i wish he would quit fukn moving....geez.

  2. The UK is not "littered with mountains"...mebbe a few hills...the whole idea is fucking ludicrous...bigfoot has never,EVER,been reported in the British pack it up,you charlatan.