Monday, April 08, 2013

MN.B.R.T. Radio with MonsterQuest Guest Blane Hajicek Tonight 9/E

Join Elusive1 as he welcomes Blane Hajicek to the show.
Blane is from Blaine, MN has appeared on the nationally recognized show MonsterQuest. Apart from being a part time editor and camera grip, his father Doug Hajicek producer of MonsterQuest, has invited him on several research expeditions involving Sasquatch in northern Ontario. In 2007 During the filming of "Sasquatch Attack," the cabin, in which he was staying, was attacked by something unknown, presumably a Bigfoot. A year later Blane and his father went back to do more research in the same location, this time without the camera crew. During the second trip to Ontario's Snellgrove lake, the cabin was once again attacked. From these trips and experiences he has opened his eyes to the existence of a large primate living in North America and Blane hopes to continue his research. Blane hopes to join the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team and help  in their efforts to help prove the existence of Bigfoot  & to get protection for them as well.

MN B.R.T. Radio

 TONIGHT!!!!4/8/13 6pm Pacific - 7pm Mountain - 8pm Central - 9pm Eastern
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