Friday, April 12, 2013

Ohio: The Bigfoot Hotspot of the Midwest

The Pacific Northwest has long been the stronghold of Bigfoot sightings in America. Growing up in the Midwest we always associated Bigfoot with Washington State and the areas above and below it.

Now with the advent of the internet and increased exposure on TV we are privy with information on the Big Fella that was once just the stuff of local legends.

Now on the radar as a hotbed of activity is Ohio. For some reason there have been an extraordinary amount of sightings for that part of the country. It currently ranks 4th in states with the most reported Bigfoot sightings according to the BFRO database.

*Update - Ohio is the 7th most populated state in America. Maybe that is why there are so many sightings. More people around to see the Big Fella.

Here are links to a couple newer reports that I was just notified of.
Late night road crossing on SR 39 west of Nashville
Possible daylight sighting along I-90 near Geneva

Bigfoot Sighting Map
Bigfoot Sighting Density

I guess Ohio isn't just the home of the Buckeye..

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