Friday, April 19, 2013

Robert Lindsay & The Bigoot Pic (Hank)

Robert Lindsay & The Bigfoot Pic

I recently did a write up titled The Delusion Continues... where I was dumbfounded by Robert Lindsay's convictions and contradictions. Well I now see him for what he really is; a tabloid writer. Recently a rumor surfaced that a group of people had seen a picture of the body that Rick Dyer had allegedly shot. Well as soon as Robert got wind of it he blogged about it before even thinking about looking into the story.

Robert is just plain out ridiculous and don't dare question him on his blog or anywhere on the web. He will delete even the smallest comment that questions him on is blog and he probably has half of facebook blocked. Funny that a guy who dishes out more criticism than most cannot take a thimble of the same. IMO his skin is just too thin for Bigfootland.

 Here is how this whole thing got started. A post made in a group.
Don Boucher Comment

Throw a rumor of being sent a pic of the dead Bigfoot in the mix and bam! You got yourself a wildfire.One person says one thing and in the next few days 1000's of words are written about it on various sites and blogs. 

It turns out this whole "we saw a picture of Hank" thing was just a joke done to take a jab at Dyer and his minions and to make a point of showing how gullible people believing Dyer are. Which we can now see to be true. My friend Skyla stated this about the whole deal: "It really proved to me how quick people are latching on to bullshit without verifying anything. You know the saying...if it's on the internet it must be real? Well those goobers really think that apparently is true. Reminds me of the car insurance commercial and the girl who met a "french model" online."

Bigfoot Not Dead

I got a kick out of his followers being jealous over the fact that we were privy to information that they weren't. Fb/fb was actually kinda fun for a couple of days there.. 

 And another of the blind followers speaks...


Now it's back to the countdown...

Bigfoot Hoax Countdown


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  1. The count is awesome. He really knows his numbers too. :P

  2. The thing is,Dyer also thought you may have seen the real pictures of the kill,but he didn't really care if you did at this point,he was like,"well,if they did I'm not worried about it,at least now they know it's real".