Sunday, April 21, 2013

Robert Lindsay: The Racist Hoax Promoter

Robert Lindsay Bigfoot Hoax

As I mentioned in my last write up about Robert, (Robert Lindsay & The Bigoot Pic (Hank) the guy will run with any story. After blogging about the hank pics with no evidence and making himself look stupid he has now resorted to bashing people. In his recent write up he calls the people who spread the pic story, morons and that "Bigfooters in general are the scum of humanity"

Have you looked in the mirror lately Robert?

He also goes on to talk about how so many Bigfoot groups don't allow you to say everything you want. This coming from the guy who has half of facebook blocked and will delete any comment on his blog with the slightest differing opinion. Heck, I've got some rude comments on my blog and youtube and I just let them ride. Haters gonna hate. I've only had to delete one comment ever on youtube that was because it was very graphic and personal and didn't have anything to do with the subject. It appears this guy has paper thin skin.

His belief in Rick Dyer is also astounding. Remember folks he is 100% sure he has a body. I'm sure his "sources" told him so. The sad thing is that by constantly blogging in support of Rick he is promoting the hoax. I noticed on the comments to his blog that people were inquiring about memberships to Rick's new private club. Way to go Robert, I hope your proud of yourself for being a funnel into Rick's pocketbook.

And to top it off he's a racist. This is just one incident where a screenshot was taken. I've heard there are more. Once again he gets questioned and blows up, and of course blocked the person.

I wouldn't even be bothering with this clown but he has crossed the line by bashing my friends and supporting this HOAX.
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  1. There needs to be a serious house cleaning in the Bigfoot community and I only got here about 3 weeks ago.

  2. I personally have had run ins with this Lindsay guy and he is definitely a horrible person and a racist. He was calling me several derogatory names and he was then banned from the FB group that we were on...He is totally nuts.

    1. You bet that he is. If you ask me, he criticized extroverts for being sociopaths when he seems to be a sociopath himself.

    2. I used to be the Anonymous who posted here on May 11, 2015 at 9:11 PM. But now, I decided to use a different alias. By doing so, I inform you that Robert/Bob is a hypocrite in that he bans anyone who disagrees with in his main website but doesn't mind posting bigotry. If you ask me, he deserves to have crap beaten out of him.

    3. Hi, there. It's me again. I returned to warn you about Robert's hypocrisy. And he are how he's hypocritical:

      1. He claimed that he wanted to fight extroverts for being bullies when he claims to support bullying.

      2. He banned me for callin' him out on his support bullyin' when he doesn't want anyone trolling.

      3. He claimed to hate effeminacy when he's effeminate himself.

      4. He lied that it's wrong to be autistic when he has a disability hismelf. Such an ableist he is.

      Another thing about Robert/Bob is that he posted "Up with Bullying!" on one of his webpages. If I'm in charge of the Web, I'd permanently ban him for advocating bullying.

  3. This is who Lindsay really is

  4. Hey again. I returned 'cuz I have this article that Robert/Bob typed:

    Despite the title of that article, Bob doesn't actually mean that he doesn't support bullying. He just thinks that he doesn't and claims that when he's really hypocritical about it. Can you believe that claims that weak boys should be changed by bullying? Such bullshit. But then again, he's a big fat liar.

    If I own the Internet, I'd ban permanently Bob without any hesitation. Hell, I wouldn't if he got fired from any or every job that he has just as I wouldn't mind if he got arrested for being a huge bastard.

    1. Oh sorry. I forgot to put "mind" between Wouldn't" and "if".

  5. I've returned to tell Robert "Bob" Lindsay's at it again with his lies and hypocrisy. You can find some of them in these websites of his:



    If you go to the first of those webpages, you'll see people who he claimed deserved to be bullied. What a narrow-minded cunt he is.

    And if you got to the second webpage, you'll see more shitty articles that Bob himself typed and posted. One of them claims that bullying is human nature and it can't be wiped out. Such bullshit expressed.

    In case I didn't tell you this before, Rob's hypocritical in that he doesn't condone bullying in adulthood but thinks that nerds and crybabies should be bullied when he's an example of those people just as he's an example of an evil psycho and asshole.

    From what I read in another blog, Bob was in prison before. But how he got out is beyond me. Why, it seems that he hadn't learned any lessons on why it's wrong to be a shit head. Therefore,he should be put back in prison for life.

    But if it makes you feel any better, I found this other website that has people who all objected to Bob and his support for bullying:

    If you got to that site and register an account on it, I wish you luck in badmouthing Lindsay all you want.