Monday, April 08, 2013

Tim Fasano is in Beast Mode

Saturday afternoon didn't start out so well for Tim Fasano. He had just finished up his shift driving cab and had Skunk Apes on his mind. His plan was to head down to Myakka State Park and do some Squatchin'. Well things didn't go quite according to plan. While he was stuck in traffic his car was rear ended.
I was in a Car crash today - ruined my plans The interstate was slowing down because of road construction ahead. In fact, my lane had come to a stop. Then bam!!! A car hit me hard from behind and I whipped back violently, throwing my hat off into the back seat. That sucked, as I was off duty and on my way to Myakka River State Park to do research and photography. That will have to wait for another day now. For what its wirth, his front end was totaled and my Crown Vic held up well. He got the citation; I have a sore neck. I'll see how I feel in the morning. I dont need to be injured. I have a lot to do.
Tim Fasano Car Wreck
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Well it appears that Tim has recovered from this accident and is now on a mission, a mission to find the elusive Skunk Ape. He will head down to Myakka tomorrow with his partner Kevin and enter the domain of the Skunk Ape.

The search for Skunk Ape ends tomorrow Kevin Thomas Kehl and Timothy William Fasano will put an end to the Skunk Ape mystery tomorrow. We are launching OPERATION DEEP SKUNK based on the coordinate information provided by the BFRO, YouTube sighting videos, and eyewitnesses accounts which prove where "Skunky" is at. It is in a hidden four square mile area in Myakka where Kevin and I have determined the beast is living. We are going in and we will come out with real evidence.
We do want to thank Stacy Brown Jr and his hard work. It ends tomorrow. I feel like Patterson before he rode into the woods. Check back. We will have it on video. We are a no kill team. The fence below is where we go in. When we come out, we will have it. Game over.

Myakka Skunk Ape Park
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  1. Something smells fishy.............just sayin! :P

  2. :) Yeah, that's some serious confidence there..