Friday, April 19, 2013

The Bigfoot Police Are After Rick Dyer

Bigfoot Police Go After Rick Dyer

I don't know much about these guys, but rumor has it they were on the scene in '08 and are now back in action going after ole Tricky Dick again. Their mission is clear "Our goal is to expose hoaxers."

Here are some of their videos:

Bigfoot Hoax of 2013 - Rick Dyer Bigfoot Body to be snatched by the MIB?

Well it seems ol' Tricky Rick has tipped his hand again. I suppose now he'll have to change the game plan. Although we've actually been aware of his film company for quite some time, it became apparent to us that this was not common knowledge. Come on people, use your heads. There is no body.

Rick Dyer 2013 Bigfoot Hoax - In His Own Words!!!   

In an interview in Mar 2013, Rick Dyer states that what caused him to become serious was a Bigfoot sighting in 2009. But in Jan. 2010, Rick Dyer stated that there's no more proof for Bigfoot than there is for the tooth fairy. And now in 2013 he's claiming to have a Bigfoot body. Everything you need to know that he's hoaxing again is contained in these videos.

Shooting Bigfoot - Psychology of a Hoaxer 

Five years have passed since the last Rick Dyer Bigfoot hoax, and people seem to have short memories. Nothing has changed. Same claim, same pitch. It's just another hoax.

Check out their Youtube channel for more videos on the HOAX

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