Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Rick & Musky Show

Rick Dyer & Musky Allen Blog Talk

All's I can say is, wow.

After poisoning my ears with some of Rick Dyer's radio show last night I can say things haven't changed. Rick is definitely a sociopath and Musky Allen is still a complete prick. Hearing Rick self gloat and Musky lie, about made me puke. Rick was beating his chest calling himself the greatest Mother F'in tracker in the world, and Musky was trying to say YouTube took the videos down of his interview not Jack or Jeff.

It was nice to hear a caller question him on his background and hear Musky fumble through his words trying to respond. (Musky's not as good of a liar as Rick) One caller from Canada was trying to be cordial and talk about Rick claiming his membership fees go to the homeless. Rick got real defensive and childlike and said "I can do whatever I want with the money, I can buy a corvette if I want. The money goes into my bank account and I give to the homeless when and how I please." Then Musky gets on the line and starts laying into this guy dropping the F bomb at will and they end up muting the caller. Musky proceeds to go on about how when he was in Vegas Rick held up traffic to give a homeless person some cash and how he know the ins and out of the San Antonio homeless.

Watching the chat-room for awhile Musky kept yelling "TELL RICK TO ANSWER 612 CALL" (This was before Musky called in himself) Which is a Minneapolis area code. So eventually a 612 calls in and low and behold it's Jon Foss aka Jack Barnes. So obviously Musky is in contact with Jack to know he was going to call in. All this does is reaffirm that Musky is working in conjunction with FB/FB and is most likely a creation of theirs. Jack took some jabs at Matt Moneymaker and talked about the big movie coming up. He also asked Rick what he should title a video. "Do you want it to say Morgan Mathews/Rick Dyer or Rick Dyer/Morgan Mathews?" Rick responds with "I don't care what the title says as long as my name is first."

If you tune in to this garbage you can expect to learn absolutely nothing about Bigfoot and everything about bullshit. Not to mention his show went from 2 to 3 hours in length.

 I guess Rick has already taken down last night's show. What does that tell you?

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  1. Rick likes the sound of his own voice. Too bad i missed the show. I usually download them but I've been sick the past couple of weeks and crashed early.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. What's it going to be like in less than two weeks time who is he going to hide behind .