Monday, May 27, 2013

Fasano Claims To Have Filmed A Skunk Ape


I video taped a Skunk Ape today

It is Memorial Day and I was deploying a trail cam to sit in field until November. The area is where I saw something running behind the palmettos. Today, I was running video as I approached the area. Something was sitting in a stump and was eating something. I shot 2:30 of vídeo of it then moved in. I was unable to reaquire visual or video contact beyond that.

Understand this...I am stoked. The photo of me here was moments after I realized what I had done. If a TV show wants this, it will cost you; it will cost you a lot. Kevin and I no longer give our time for free.
Tampa Tim Fasano

*Update: Fasano Adds Video Release Date

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  1. Tim. Can I see your video please? worth a shot. I could vouch for ya.

  2. its not about the money , honey .... Do the world a favour and wake up and smell the coffee ...... money ? ... Honestly ... Don't ruin ure street cred .... You say money one more time and i'm gonna come over there and give you an enema of bigfoot juice