Monday, May 27, 2013

Fasano Now Gives Release Date For His Video


Fasano Film A Skunk Ape?

I video taped a Skunk Ape today

It is Memorial Day and I was deploying a trail cam too sit in field until November. This area is were I saw something running last week behind the palmettos while scouting out the area (similar to what Kevin and Terrie saw in the Green Swamp). Today, I was rolling video as I approached the same area. Something was there. In fact, it was sitting on a stump, and was eating something. I shot 2:30 of vídeo of it and could see it clearly. I waited a while then moved in. I was unable to reaquire visual or video contact beyond that.

Understand this...I am stoked. The photo of me here was moments after I realized what I had done. If a TV show wants this, it will cost you; it will cost you a lot. Kevin and I no longer give our time for free. We have learned that hard word and dedication are not always respected in this business. It will now. I am home and looking at it on the computer. You can see it moving its head left to right. I got it. Don't worry. This Reconyx RC60 is set up in this area with 99% battery strength and a media card that holds 14,000 images. November will be huge. I will combine the images with the video. It will be awesome. Can't wait until November. This is good folks.
*Update: Fasano in Failing Health & May Release Footage Soon
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  1. sounds like youre taking a page out or trikkys handbook

  2. Here we go again. By November I will have forgotten this.
    I thought field researchers shared information. It's all about fame and fortune for people like this.

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