Friday, May 03, 2013

FB/FB Freezing Their Page At Midnight

Well it looks like Facebook Find Bigfoot (Blobsquatch) will be freezing their page in time, at the witching hour. They had previously promised to close shop if there wasn't 3 minutes of clear high def footage of a real Bigfoot in the movie Shooting Bigfoot. Which of course there wasn't. So if you want to make a comment over there you better hurry because the doors will be closing soon!

FB/FB Facebook Find Bigfoot

My closing statement I made over there: "Well guys it was a good run. I used to have fun debating your silly confirmations. Once I realized you were working with hoaxers it all changed. Now I see that you are totally in on the hoax and have proved it by being the only ones in the theater who sad it was a real BF. I don't think you even believe in Bigfoot (like Rick) and have picked a canvas to make money off of a belief system. Well little did you know, the community would rise up against you."

So come on over and check out a nice new page: Facebook Find Sasquatch We are not in anyway associated with FB/FB. We started this page as a parody to fb/fb and out of our frustration with the hoax. No hoax promotions and trollathons, just good ole Sasquatch Research.

Facebook Find Sasquatch
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