Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Hoax is Busted - Victory Lap is under way


Rick Dyer Bigfoot Hoax Busted

Hello everyone, and good day to you.  What a great day it is. We have been vindicated, we have been proven true, what I have been saying all along was right.

I want to thank all of you who stood with me, and for the fight we fought. This was a long, drawn out battle and we have come out on top.

And for all you haters… Oh well, your ship sunk, too bad.

We stood firm, we stood strong, we stood united, we didn’t back down to these fools. We stood our ground and we were victorious.

I was 9 billion gazillion% sure this was a hoax. And I stood firm in my convictions , that’s who I am, that’s what I'm about. I didn’t ride the fence. I knew what I thought was right and I stood by it. 

Did any of you catch last night's show? It was priceless to see Rick sweating it out after the movie reviews started coming in. Pinkfoot then questioned him: “Ah Rick, when are the NDA's gonna be lifted to talk about this” The sad thing about her is I actually think she believed his story from the start. I ended up watching some of the show today as I was just listening last night and Rick was freakin out. He was speechless, and for one of the first times ever he didn’t know what to say!

It's incomprehensible how people even bought this story. Over time it seemed to became more of a cult then anything. 

As far as fb/fb goes, they went and saw the movie and were suppose to go on Rick's show and report back. Well they never made it to his show and it took them until late last night to even make a statement. 

All the tweets that were coming out of the movie (even from Rick’s members) showed that there was no shooting of a real Bigfoot. I actually thought that the ending of the movie would be more inconclusive then it was. 

People have been asking around if fb/fb were involved with all this from the beginning. I think they were. They edited those interviews with Musky, they took them down from their site, and then doctored them and put them back up. Why would you do that if you're not involved in this hoax?

Regardless, they promoted Musky, they sold us his fake background, they set up the interviews, they were always in contact with him and Rick. Without their page their wouldn’t of been a hoax. They were the engine driving it, they were the legs beneath this. In ‘08 Rick had the national media, in 2012 he had fb/fb. This thing would’ve never taken off if it wasn’t for their page. I still think they were involved in it from the start, and that they probably created Musky. 

These guys are highly educated men. They are businessmen. One of them owns a bunch of swim schools in Minnesota. They are successful guys with backgrounds in marketing and know all about sensationalism. I actually thought that they were full of it when they did those breakdowns on their videos. I think that that was just part of the sensationalism. They know how to drive people into their site. They were targeting the common person not the serious Bigfoot researcher, kind of like what Finding Bigfoot does. For all I know they are like Rick and don’t even believe in Bigfoot. Either way they have a movie coming out later this year and there’s a rumor that it's part 2 to this and that it’s the Bigfoot autopsy. And that’s why they are going to claim that of course this is all real and continue to live in their delusion.   

I just want to give a final shout out to all you people that knew it was a hoax..We were right and it feels pretty good right now…

Johnny Bigfoot

Rick Dyer Bigfoot Hoax Busted

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  2. Its possible the FB/FB guys are just gullible idoits... who knows.

    1. It is Charles but they would be the only ones who saw the movie that thought it was real then.

  3. Lol Robert Lindsay still thinks he has a body. What an idiot.

  4. I was at the premier last night. I saw Bigfoot 4 times at the end of the film. When he shoved his face close to the camera (and its light) so he could slam Morgan Matthew to the ground, the image of his face was terrifying, open mouth, threatening growl, huge eyes and all. I screamed! I'm 63 and I've seen a helluva lot of stuff in my life but never anything as terrifying as that. No mask, no suit, no hoax. Everyone seems to forget that Morgan Matthews was there working for the British Broadcasting Corporation, via Minnow Films, and his film had to reflect their agenda. Bigfoot was not part of the quaint character study they had in mind, it's a wonder they included some of the Bigfoot film at all. They did not produce a film to satisfy North Americans' curiosity, and it's naive to even think that they did.

  5. Prove that you were there. I call bullshit. Rick's followers as well as many others who were at the movie all said there is no real Bigfoot in the movie. A B movie at a small film festival with no scientists and national media.. PLease

  6. The footage of the bigfoot was not shocking, people actually laughed when the clear footage was shown(werewolf mask if any).The still was on screen for about 3-5 seconds.Before this scene you see a bigfoot walk away from camp,2 glimpses half a sec for both.Some funny lines from the film...Biscardi all frantic about a possible visit from a juvey Bigfoot(prints and peanut butter eaten)he is at the camp on the phone talking to a local who brought them there.He is excited telling him what they found then calmly ask him to bring him a diet peach snapple with ice and a glass!Biscardi also showing his interview skills asking an eyewitness to recall his encounter.Before interview he tells Morgan to stay back and watch and this guy wants to remain anonymous .James is the name well will use..but calls him Rocky(his real name) about 3 times.LOl very funny and had to stop and redue.Another incident has Biscardi finding out part of his convoy is in a serious highway accident.The victim John tells Matthews to go on without him.Matthews says no way and tries to help John.Johns assures them he's alright,when Matthews meets up with Biscardi (who wouldn't walk down 1/4 mile to check on friend)and tells him about his condition.Biscardi smacks hands together and tells the team leys go guys and get some Mussels and Linguine excitedly.Dyer places ribs on tree branch(not nail)They come back later that day ribs are gone.Dyer-well something ate em` Morgan-what do you think Rick? Dyer-I dont know something jerked them out of the tree obviously dah?Morgan-So your telling me something jerked your meat rick?Dyer also tells Morgan at campfire someone asked him to take a pic of the fire and send it to him.Morgan ask “a friend Rick?”Rick turns to him and tells him he has no friends “nope not one”


  7. You had the right car for the victory Lap.....Go Kyle....

  8. "incomprehensible" instead of "astronomical".

    The first means "not capable of being understood". The second means "of or relating to astronomy".

  9. Astronomical also means of enormous magnitude but you are right it doesn't fit right and I will change it. Thanks.