Friday, May 03, 2013

Stacy Brown Reveals The Mask That Rick Dyer Used For His Hoax


Stacy Brown helps put Rick Dyer's latest hoax to rest.

Check out his website here:

Articles we've done on Stacy: Update On The Stacy Brown Skunk Ape Prints
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  1. Stacy Brown Jr. Owes his father Stacy Brown Sr. any notoriety he has in the so called Bigfoot community. His dad lucked out and got a great thermal image of a Bigfoot. This makes him the next great investigator? Is he now a crypto zoologist? He mast think he's a hoax busting sasquatch detective too. Everybody's found the mask. They all have two eyes and nose and a mouth so it must be the correct one. Bull S#!^

    1. You must be on of those Dyer cultists.......Everything Dyer does should not be believed. He's a con man. He was the one who was caught with a costume in the deep freeze. Now he expects us to believe he has a body with this elaborate poppycock? If you believe every word then your stupid and deserved to be ripped off by that huckster.

  2. it looks nothing like ricks masks