Thursday, May 16, 2013

Would You Approach A Bigfoot?

Would You Approach A Bigfoot?
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What would you do if you saw a Bigfoot? How would you react?

It's easy to say, Oh I would chase that sucker down! Yet we always seem to see people running away from the creature or refusing to confront it in videos or pictures. I personally would like to think I would try and get as close to it as possible, but I guess you never know until you actually get the chance.

When humans get frightened or shocked, a natural response is to freeze up. I've seen it before. I used to live in the inner city and me and a couple of friends had just got out of the car and were walking up to the house when gun shots rang out. They seemed to be very close, probably in the alley across the street. Anyhow, my two friends instantly froze up in the yard and I was like "hurry up get in the house."  I wouldn't of expected this type of reaction but then again I didn't expect to hear a shoot out at close range.

Now I can only imagine coming face to face with an 8-foot 800 pound man-beast. I guess for me it depends on how they react. If they posture up and appear intimidating maybe I wouldn't approach. But if they seemed shy and timid perhaps I would try and inch closer for that money shot.

This is something to think about when out Squatchin though, cause you never know what might be peeking around the next tree.
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1 comment:

  1. I would treat that situation like any other interaction with wildlife in the wild. If there is no imidiate threat and the Squatch would allow me to, I would approatch slow and with caution.