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This is an interesting post that was posted in a Facebook group I'm in. With all the cloaking talk going around I thought it'd be a nice one to share. Personally I'm ok with being open to Bigfoot being interdimensional or having the ability to cloak (because we haven't proven what they are) but to constantly throw that stuff around as fact is absurd. We need real science on real tangible evidence if we are ever going to solve this mystery. There's a part of me that wants the phenomenon to remain a mystery and there's a part of me that wants to figure out the puzzle. But if our goal as researchers and enthusiasts is to solve the mystery we are going to need actual tangible evidence, not these far out stories. We need to stick with the basics, things which are provable, before we delve into all these other extreme claims. I actually thing the whole cloaking think is often used as an excuse for not producing real evidence.

Bigfoot Cloaking

This is a post by Robert Kryder
CLOAKING ??? - Great question.... Just a thought- People have the need to quantify not only what they observe but as well what they are not able to. Many Native Americans tell that BF can "Walk in two worlds" , stepping from one to another at will. I have asked why do you believe they possess this power? The answer was two fold- In one way they are man and have all the spiritual potential intact... The other, seemingly more straight foreword portion of the answer was that when tracking them the sign (footprints, twig snaps moved stones etc...) would simply stop, as if the creature simply vanished. This greatly confused the Native trackers as they prided themselves with their ability to track anything out there. It also caused fear and assumption while trying to understand the BF and as well their own EGO when compared to there query. I have seen the same thing more than once. We have a tough time admitting anything could be so smart, so strategic, so elusive, so quiet, so fast.... Yet these as well are all traits attributed to them by the Natives that encountered them for thousands of years. They say they could walk in the physical or spiritual world because that was what they knew. We now have "cloaking" to think about, so again we as humans attribute this new conceived idea to explain the same old traits that we have always had a tough time accepting. The actual thing we as humans find tough to accept is that they could elude us and "leave us in the dust" so to speak, for eons without such mystical abilities. The truth is most likely that the Natives are accurate in that they are not only as spiritually natured as us or more, but indeed they are really "that" fast, smart, strategic, quiet and elusive. And in fact, can at will, easily leave "us" in the dust like whining children when it comes to occupation or operation in the natural environment. All I can say is, I have never seen an invisible* one and am confident no one else has either. ~ ;)
After very, very careful examination of this presumed, presented and defended collateral BF enigma- Light bending, cloaking etc... I have come to a conclusion. And it is somewhat disturbing for several reasons and on several fronts. First I am of the opinion this is much more than naive and or wishful, fantastic thinking by interested folks. Instead, it would more than seem that this is a well organized method of inundating the trusted sources in the BF community with content that is meant to distract, discredit and drive away those with true and inspired interests in the actuality of BF. Second, it appears that their are a number of connected individuals working together to post, support and argue fabricated disinformation. ---- This should be considered a serious* danger to "truth" concerning BF. Not only does it ignite imagination and sway many who will entertain these ideas creating a divergent, collateral system of understanding among a significant portion of BF enthusiasts. It also has the physical aspect of wallpapering sites with photos/vids etc.. And thus the mental impact, effect and reactions of all those who view both the visual and written media. For example: "That is why i left all the other sites. They were makin 10 bfs in one pic and i did not even see one. I am sorry but I don't believe in fairies or cloakin, stealthy maybe , but not something that's paranormal.-Paula Holland" ..... The result in this common example was the person leaving the sites all together after these same connected persons injected their content./// Here's the deal- As with treasure hunting and monuments/ ancient code etc... Never trust even your own evaluation of photo's "after the fact" or- and if you weren't taking the pic on purpose of a known subject and instead are just looking in pictures later, for or to identify subjects, its trash. Without repeated, secondary or real time evaluation data cannot be trusted and it should be shelved until it can be. For instance, I have a photo that for all so far appears to be a BF crouching looking out of a thicket at the cam/person. It is in daylight, clear with little obstruction, high resolution and only 75' from the cam! You can zoom in and measure the anatomy, see the hair, eye brow ridges etc... But was it a BF? Our intern, Rhys Gillman noticed it during data evaluation and it is an eye-popper for sure! But was it a BF? After much comparative analysis of other photos and other times we were able to answer this question with NO doubt. I will post this example some time and let others see what they see, measure and debate.... Then I will show the proof and demonstrate why it is sooooooo important to do this right. And why as well it is soo important not to tolerate the presumed, untested, fabricated data, comments, posts, vids and ignoring,deleting or blocking if need be to preserve the integrity of valuable credible research. If not, then the thing that's hard to find won't be BF, it will be any decent data regarding it.

You can check out Robert's facebook group here:KX CRYPTID-HOMINID RESEARCHGROUP

Robert Kryder Bigfoot Research

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  1. now what if BF is alien and the posable creator of us humans by combining his dna and others to create sexy hairless apes ?