Monday, June 17, 2013

Genoskwa Project Team Member Has Bigfoot Sighting

Editors Note: This is a post by Dan Baker

Here is my account of my sighting last Saturday night 6/15/13.I hope not to leave anything out !

To start off I'd like to say that the day was very eventful right from the start. Chris found a great track and Paul found another one. They were both cast and turned out great.
Next there were tree structures found that had to be new. No one had seen them before and they were right next to one of the trails.

At 5:00 PM, Kane came into basecamp and asked me if I was ready to go on the back side of his property to check out the swamp area where a lot of action had been noticed in the past. Of course, I said I was ready and we got on the 4-wheeler and took off. He showed me some huge logs that were placed over a bridge blocking it off from the swamp. Someone didn't want him back there. He had already removed them, and I can tell you that whoever or whatever put them there had to be pretty darned strong. 

As we came back we noticed another small tree partially blocking the trail. It was pretty fresh because it still had live leaves on it. We made it back to basecamp with no other new evidence. (This was of course our first trip back to the swamp that day).

Later on that night I explained to Kane that I wanted to go back to the swamp and take my H2 recorder this time to attempt to pick any possible audio, had he said Sure !

As we were dropping down off of the back side of the ridge, we noticed a very small ,fresh sapling that had been snapped. This kind of immediately alerted Kane and he became very leery of going too deep into the swamp. He asked if I would mind just making a sweep of the bottom land and head back to basecamp so I agreed. (Later we learned that the small broken sapling was made by Paul to mark a certain spot).

As we were heading north across the backside of the ridge on the bottom, we came across a VERY nasty, putrid stench that is very hard to describe. We drove out of the smell in about 150 feet and started back up over the ridge. As we approached the tree that we saw across the trail earlier in the day we saw that there was a New one that was even larger laying across the same spot. We made it back to basecamp, and Kane reported into Paul who was out walking the ridgeline with Chris and Thomas. Paul asked Kane to come up on the ridgeline and meet them up there. Kane was just a little reluctant but nevertheless got on his 4-wheeler and went up there. I stayed back at Basecamp with Sue and Leanna.

About 5 minutes after Kane left, we all heard what appeared to be bi-pedal footsteps walking just inside the treeline. I asked the ladies, "Did you here that "? They both replied Yes ! I got up and grabbed my night vision. I walked over to the edge of the pavilion at basecamp and started panning the treeline from right to left which was the direction of the footsteps. When I got to about my 10 o'clock position, I could not believe my eyes ! All I could say was "Ohhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyy" ! That's when Sue and Leanna came up beside me. Leanna had a very powerful flashlight and shined it up where I was pointing. Sure enough, she and Sue saw it as well ! Standing approx. 100 feet just inside the tree line in between a large sapling and a fairly large tree, there was a Squatch !!! It appeared to be around 7 ft. tall ! The ladies frantically attempted to contact the rest of team on our radio, but as luck would have it ... it couldn't reach them. All the time, I was watching the squatch through my night vision. it would sway from side to side and then pause. then it would sway again. I don't know why, but I looked away for a few seconds and when I came back to the spot, it seemed to be gone. 

Finally Kane was on his way back to basecamp and Paul was with him on the 4- wheeler. The ladies were very excited and telling them what we had just witnessed together. Leanne took Paul over and showed him where we saw the creature. After a minute or so, Paul called me over and asked if the creature was between the sapling and larger tree. I said "yes". Paul said... "That son-of-a-gun is Still there" !! Sure enough, I looked through my night vision and there it was AGAIN only hunched down !! Paul formulated a plan to approach the creature and try to get a better look. About this time, the rest of the team had made it back to basecamp. They all got their flashlights out and approached the treeline. As they started to head up there you could see tree branches moving. When they got there, the creature was gone !

Yesterday morning, Paul walked up to the spot where we witnessed the squatch and saw that the vegetation was all smashed down.

I have to say that THIS was one of the most incredible things to EVER happen in my life ! I am Very proud to be a part of TGP and the BNM research team ! I want to say thank you to Kane and Leanna for allowing us to do research on their property and to Paul for including me as a member of the BNM team. You are all AWESOME !!

Facebook Group: The Genoskwa Project
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  1. The Genoskwa is quite different than the Sasquatch. These creatures were frequently called rock apes or rock men by native American tribes, and they are usually larger than the Sasquatch.

  2. How do I join an expedition. I am a true believer and independent researcher.

    1. These guys are in Ohio and you can contact them on their facebook page.