Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pinkfoot Cindy Schafer No Longer Working For Rick Dyer

Bigfoot Hoax

Well folks, it looks like Team Tracker is falling apart.. again. It wasn't long ago that many members saw the light after Shooting Bigfoot was shown at a Canadian film festival.

I don't know the details I just know that Pinkfoot is no longer with Team Tracker. Whether she got fired or actually quit is still unknown.

She recently had joined the facebook group: The New Bigfoot Warz where she had been trying to foment more hate and get people to go to Rick Dyer's blog and was hoping to sell some memberships. Well, she picked the wrong group to do that in. She ended up getting her ass handed to her and she left that group. (there was no Musky and Rick to shelter her)

David Durrett is also purported to have left Team Tracker. Apparently he was upset after Rick burned Jeffrey Meldrum's book and actually took Rick's book off of amazon, being that he wrote it for him.

It's good to see more and more people waking up to the lies that have clouded their vision.
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  1. Hell yeah.. Open your eyes peeps.. good for you cindy