Saturday, June 08, 2013

RIP Stephen Rockwell Williams: The Bigfoot Enthusiast

RIP Stephen Rockwell Williams

I have just been informed that Stephen Rockwell Williams passed away on the morning of June 8th due to a heart attack. The short time I have known Stephen he has shown himself to be a stand-up guy with a love for the subject of Bigfoot. He will be greatly missed in the Bigfoot community as well as everywhere else he is known. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had conversing with him and reading his views and comments on Bigfoot.

Stephen was a commercial fisherman who spent a few months out of the year fishing on the Ocean. He also enjoyed recreational boating.

Some of his final days were spent doing what he loved to do, boating on the mighty Ocean.

God rest your soul my friend...

Read about Stephen's Cadborosaurus sighting

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  1. Nice write up. He will be missed.

  2. A true loss to the Bigfoot community.

  3. All through high-school - he was my Mountain Man. He taught me to love and appreciate nature and be gentle in the world. I will miss him dearly. Hippie Chick