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Taming Bigfoot

Taming Bigfoot

Editor's note: This is a post by Bigfoot Research News Contributer DG

There is only so much a person can take. There has to come a point where you have to speak up. There has to come a point when you take action. For me that time came after reading the posts of Mr. Matthew Johnson on a Facebook page I belong to.

Over the past 2-3 months I have really taken a back seat to all things Bigfoot. I have a group of folks that I respect and feel are some of the most honest people in Bigfooting that I still interact with daily. We have Believers and Skeptics, people who have seen a Bigfoot, people simply interested, and ya know what we all get along. I think that our ability to get along comes from a mutual respect for each others opinions and point of view. But that respect wasn't given I feel, it was earned by each of us individually and respect is a good place for me to start off albeit in a round about way on why Mr. Johnson has annoyed the living crap out of me.

First off I am not in his group, I never asked to be in his group, I do not want to be in his group, I have zero interest in anything he has to say or has been doing. If you have your "own house" so to speak then that's great. It's people looking for you, are interested in what you have to say, and they are there by choice. So be it, live and let live.

But Mr. Johnson hasn't contained his stories, encounters, hallucinations, whatever you want to call it to his own page. He's been plastering many Bigfoot pages lately. I hear he has a book in the making, my guess is he is overexposing himself to draw in more people to his group to buy his book. (Remind you of anyone?)

Now, I have made it a rule to not comment on peoples Bigfoot encounters or sightings. I broke that rule recently with someone in the group I belong to but only in a way I thought was helpful to the person posting it.  I came off harsh, I was blunt and to the point. But it wasn't disrespect, its wasn't rude. I put what I thought out there and left it at that. And ya know what, that person and I are fine. No one left, no one was blocked, feelings may have been hurt but we are adults and have the ability to move on.

Ok, back to the point....  Mr. Johnson has been posting rather lengthy posts about what he calls a "habituation" of a family, group, who knows of Bigfoot that live in the green space behind his house. (Just say that out loud to yourself one time). I dunno, I admit I looked up the definition of the word habituation and I think 2 and 3 fit better than the one he is using:

ha·bit·u·a·tion (h-bch-shn)
1. The process of habituating or the state of being habituated.
a. Physiological tolerance to a drug resulting from repeated use.
b. Psychological dependence on a drug.
3. Psychology The decline of a conditioned response following repeated exposure to the conditioned stimulus.

So I read his posts and bit my tongue for the first couple. Then I spoke up about his linking of Bigfoot and religion, but only his religion...... Christianity. Curious I thought. He posted some rant about how "some of his friends" have a theory that Bigfoot was the product of sexual relations between angels and humans, even posting a picture of a Bigfoot with angel wings and a halo. He gave the background of an Old Testament, ya know what I'm not going to go into it. He was putting the theory out there all while saying "Hey it's not me, its my friends that think this." I called him out on it. He simply seems unable to post a single thing without a Christian allegory. I called him out on it and he deflected, I responded and let it go.

I jokingly said in our group that I will now refer to Mr. Johnson as Mr. Jesusson. He is portraying himself as the one chosen by Bigfoot to not only see them, but he can teach you how to "mind speak" with God, I mean Bigfoot. Bigfoot sent him to us to teach us how to commune with them. All we need to do is keep our mouths shut, not question him or his experience, and just do what he says. You will soon come to find that Bigfoot lives in the green space behind your house as well!  Egos run rampant in this Community but this guy is pretty high up there.

But his latest post about the Bigfoot "Old Guard" vs his "New Guard" was over the top and I had reached the limit of stupidity I could take. He used well over 1000 words I image to simply state this. Science is not going to give you the answers you want or need. If you want to be shown the way then come on over to "us". He acts like he is being persecuted and even resorted to a FB/FB tactic of comparing your plight to Galileo. Yes, you are just like Galileo, all I can think of is Galileo saying "Keep me out of this stupidity!" You are comparing apples and horse dung. He also implies that people are slandering him and libel may be involved if you dare post anything about him that might be negative. So I replied and told him in not so many words to man up. You plaster your BS about Bigfoot mind f'ing you and you are gonna get some push back. Its not slander or libel. And for it to be either Mr. Johnson would have to walk into a court of law and convince and judge that he can in fact do a Bigfoot mind meld. You know he can't, I know he can't, he knows he can't so lets just stop with it all right now. You can't bully and threaten this guy with your BS.

Not surprisingly Mr. Johnson then took the step of blocking me from seeing his posts. This is my response and the gist of what I am trying to get at here:
So it appears Mr. Johnson has blocked me from seeing his posts. He joins the only other person to do so, Musky Allen. Fitting company if you ask me. Mr. Johnson makes wild claims and provides you with nothing to back up said claims. He and his ilk must not be let to post idly by as well all say nothing. He makes us all look bad and I will not stand for it. If you want serious science to look into Bigfoot, people like Mr. Johnson must be removed from the conversation. He threatens people in his own group, acts like he is above everyone, I even posted in another group that he is portraying himself as Jesus to (the Lord) Bigfoot. He knows the truth and can lead us all to the promise land where Bigfoots are lurking in green spaces ready to mind speak to you. It's pure insanity. He's even using FB/FB tactics trying to compare himself to actual scientists, yes Mr. Johnson you and Galileo are suffering the same plight. His religious allegories in every post all while telling you that he's not trying to tie Bigfoot to Christianity, his inability to take the slightest criticism, not allowing himself to be questioned, quick to offend, no proof, trying to tell you that actual scientists aren't going to give you you the answers you want or need, do I need to go on? Folks we cannot afford to let the inmates run the asylum, and Mr. Johnson's last post was exactly that. Science isn't going to give you what you need, so come on over to us and we will tell you all you need to know. If this is the track that this community is going to take then stop the train, I want off this second! You cannot post that people are slandering you if you can't PROVE what you say is the TRUTH! You cannot be held libel if the other party is unwilling or unable to PROVE they are speaking the TRUTH! I am not being rude or disrespectful. People like Mr. Johnson that post their psychosis all over the internet then feign being offended at the slightest pushback must be put under the most powerful microscope, held to the harshest scrutiny, why do they always recoil when pushed? They know the truth right? Sorry folks, he may have good intentions but I am saying right here right now that the man is so full of bull roar and his own ego I can't help but be amused about his blocking me.

So since Mr Johnson is found of telling how Bigfoot can cloak I thought I would include some  "shields" that he is is fond of using.

#1 that somehow his being Christian relates to how honest and truthful he is. I've seen this one before and don't buy it for a second and neither should anyone else. Being a religious person doesn't make you incapable of telling a lie.

#2 that he has a degree, or doctorate. Again, neither of those make you incapable of telling a lie.

#3 that his kid said that he has had Bigfoot mind speak to him. #1 used to annoy me the most but this really takes the taco. I could take my kid out in the woods and tell him that we need to listen for Bigfoot to talk to us. And if he thinks that I want him to say that he can hear them, he would probably tell me he can. Kids want to make their parents happy, I can go on about how disgusting this is to me but I think you get the point.

#4 that some person in law enforcement that's with him will back him up. Again this does not make that person incapable of telling a lie. He also uses this one as a thinly veiled threat if you "slander" him he knows people in law enforcement so you better watch yourself!  Come on is calling a person a moron on the internet was a crime most of the population of this country would be in jail!

And finally #5. That if you don't believe him that's your problem not his. That's fine Mr. Johnson, but I'm not the one running around acting like I am being persecuted for not believing your story. Your inability to take criticism isn't my problem, its yours. You are making the claim, the burden of proof is on you. And until you come down from that high horse you've been riding you are gonna have a rough time. You have your own space where you and people that want to be there can read your stories, but don't go around posting in a room I am in and not expecting to be called out or that it's OK to block people in others rooms for not agreeing with you. You've left so many groups I have lost count, you've blocked more people than Musky as I have heard. You kick people out for what you call being "rude" when all they are doing is not going along with what you are telling them.

That's not how you earn respect, you cannot demand that it be given because you are a Christian, a father, or a doctor. It is earned by your actions and words and from what I have seen you are no better than any other hoaxer out there.

The Bigfoot hoaxers MO is pretty well set, and this guy is towing that line very well.

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