Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Team Squatchin USA In Censorship Mode


Team Squatchin USA Censorship

Well it looks like another one bites the dust. From every corner of the community now I'm hearing about the Mad Doctor kicking people out of his facebook group and/or deleting their comments for questioning or challenging his ways. Myself, I have only had my comments deleted, and I felt like I was playing nice. They are running a tight ship over there and one mustn't question or challenge the status qou.

Here is one of the recent bootees.

This is a post by Dave of thesasquatchvoice.blogspot.com

Honor of Being Booted by Renowned Psychologist Matthew Johnson (Big Smile)

How many people have been booted by Matthew Johnson at Team Squatchin USA? Don't know but seems I am the latest booting victim as of Sunday.  (Big Smile!!) :) I'm not a new voice in this field but I haven't been very public under my actual name. I've gone by PragmaticTheorist over on BFF but I haven't posted there lately either just because of time availability. I also don't think much of hoaxers or hoaxes and have helped expose a few. I am an avid outdoorsman and hunter. I know the woods and have had more then most people's share of bigfoot encounters.  My first encounter was 34 years ago in Yosemite National Park where I lived and worked for 3 years.  

Now let me first say, I don't mind publicity when it comes to projects I've worked on. There have been hundreds of news stories in past decades for projects that had my name attached. I've held a number of press conferences and have given numerous presentations. On the other hand, and like I said above, I haven't been very public when it comes to bigfoot. This has been mostly by choice but maybe that will soon change. I've done only one formal presentation on tree breaks and one radio show within the field. I can hold my ground in a debate, plus I am someone with years of experience in this mystery. I have my own provocative but thought-out concepts. I can make quality presentations. I am organized when I need to be. I also don't mind confronting those who I feel are pulling the wool over everyones eyes, intentional by them or not.  

Well, here's what I have to say about the good Doctor Johnson. He appears intent on controlling the direction of discussion at his site. He does not like to be challenged. He does not like it when you don't agree with him. Matthew says that bigfoot are connected to Cain because THEY TOLD HIM SO!  Due to this he feels they are our friends. Well, that is clearly a Biblical claim and so myself, Ron Morehead and a few others were proposing that they may actually be related to the Nephilim instead.  The good doctor does not like this concept. There you have it, one Biblical theory over another.  Crazy huh? Well, then I proposed to Matthew that maybe the bigfoot he spoke with are actually deceiving HIM. Well I suppose Matthew REALLY didn't like that idea. The doctor, being deceived?  OMG!!  

And Joe over at Project Sasquatch isn't too happy about his recent censorship experience either. You can read his latest rant here: Project-Sasquatch

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  1. I too was just booted for asking about his practices and proof on his facebook page. This man is a joke and unless you bow to him and his ridiculous stories, you will be removed. I asked why he puts down others but will not show us any better proof and after a few rude, non-intellectual comments, I was booted. This so called Dr. is a joke!

  2. Tami I got booted shortly after you did. After private messaging his personal fb page, I told him how his pride, arrogance and intolerance of anyone who questions, challenges or disagrees with him (from those who are polite and respectful) calls in to question not only his character, but his motives, integrity and credibility. He is a paranoid narcissist, who thinks that anyone who does these things is comparing him to and/or calling him a fake, liar and hoaxer, which is exactly what he accused me of doing, though my comment had nothing to do with his work, evidence, techniques or beliefs. I was pointing out to him that respectful and polite opinions, ideas and conversations can be had by people with different views, beliefs, and experiences. After a few short and condescending replies and making a post about "Conflict Avoidance" on his page passive aggressively trash talking about me (which he copied for me since I was blocked) he asked me what I didn't agree with regarding his work. Stating that it was my opinions he disagreed with that got me booted, I asked him why he expects me to tell him when I know what the outcome will be? He replied with "Actually you just don't have the courage, but I understand, no worries." -An obvious (and unsuccessful) reverse psychology attempt at an insult. I told him I didn't need a PhD to see what he was doing and wished him the best. He then childishly replied, "LOL!!! You're such a girl... Best wishes to you to." Apparently the good doctor feels that he is above having to answer to, explain, justify or provide the same type of things that are asked of all researchers, yet treats people with the very same juvenile intolerance, belligerence and hostile behavior he accuses everyone else of who questions, disagrees with or challenges him. It's hard to not only deal with but respect people like that...

  3. Geosquatchin DeepintheForestMay 23, 2014 at 9:06 PM

    I too just got booted from his Facebook Team Squatchin USA. He doesn't like it when I tell the Dr. the truth about Sasquatch. He thinks he knows it all. Man has he got a lot to learn. He thinks just cause he's been doing it for 14 years, he knows everything and everybody else don't know dilly. The Dr. thinks all Squatches whisper, when they talk. I guess that's why they howl at the top of there lungs. lol