Friday, June 07, 2013

The Lines Are Being Drawn In The Bigfoot Community

The Lines Are Being Drawn In The Bigfoot Community

This is a post by Mike Akaganglian 
I have noticed a trend around the Community lately. Well, two actually. One good, one not so good. The first, and the good is the rise at attempts at scientific oriented groups that are in the subject the right reasons, the truth. That’s not to say they don't face challenges and it's already begun, those that are shall we say, less than scientific are trying to sneak in through the cracks pitching kook farts as science, and they need to fail. 

I've previously pointed the fallacies of those who are motivated by hoaxing and exploitation, and they are one thing wrong with this community, but not the only one. The other scourge is basically and bluntly, kookery, kooks, kook farts and kook ""science"". The double quotation is meant to be equivalent to finger quotes. Yes, it's admittedly a peeve but it seems to be on the rise, you have had those in the past who were flat out bullies about their forest friends and the "facts" only they seem to know about. There's a reason why only they know about these facts, and that is simply because these "facts" are complete bullshit. With that established, it falls between one of two divisions. Those pushing this mumbo jumbo are either very well aware that they're full of it, or their take on reality, isn't.

Warning sign number one, references of religious context or trying to fit squatchy into a Christian context, which I call catching nifflehiemers.. No offense to Christians because it's not meant as a shot against them, but the simple fact is that squatchy and Christianity couldn't be more apples and oranges, and trying to put the two together is both disingenuous and at best pseudo science. The fact is that bears and porcupines and the like have no particular place in the biblical world context and there's reason why a North American primate would any where than gorillas, gibbons or chimps. If nothing else it's the attempt by some to force their religious views on footery the same way they do in politics and elsewhere. It doesn’t fit in either place. I can see, to a point, giving a partial pass to native american belief given that Sasquatch is a part of native folklore and within that context has a fitting place. It's when we start hearing the new age nonsense that it starts getting pretty deep if you get me. 

Just recently, someone had the temerity to blog that the Squatches use infrasound to bent light to go "fuzzy", and sadly, yes I'm serious. That may be some quality kookery but it's still deep in the BS puddle. This is where some of this stuff gets sneaky to, first off its presented as theory, and like so much other pseudo dna farcery, it sounds just sciency enough to make some consider it as plausible. Fraid not. Fuzzy mode is no different than dogmen, mind speak, and the fallen angel dna what not. If these people who are the only ones allegedly in the know want the rest of us to buy into this stuff, proof, please... real honest hard evidence verifiable under scrutiny, not more bullshit. I've heard some come away with the "lets all tolerate each other" argument as well, and again more bullshit. First of all, the Forest Buddy Network have at least as many intolerant nasties as the scientific folk do, and tolerating it let's breed.... A solution to the mystery lies in the truth of it, not delusional or just made up bull shit.

And just to round things out I'll tie in the Celebrity/exploiter angle as well. Why are they part of this particular scourge. Motivation is the major tie in. More often than not, these folks are more motivated by ratings, hits or both and as such, are willing to give an audience to the delusional kook science element. That is part of the problem, and responsible coverage of Research as opposed to bigfootery would care enough to filter out the nonsense, or at it should.

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