Friday, June 21, 2013

Tim Fasano Says Bigfoot Is Not Human

Tim Fasano Says Bigfoot Is Not Human

Florida Bigfoot researcher Tim Fasano talks Bigfoot.

Three major traits of humanity is missing in Bigfoot 1) Tool making 2) Fire making 3) Art.
Bigfoot does not seem to have much that is human in it. I believe it lives by instinct alone.
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1 comment:

  1. So what are stick structures? Is that art or just something they do for the hell of it? They have no use for tools. These creatures can catch deer if need to.they are extremely fast and powerful. They are a type of human not completely human. The females have breast like a human female to feed there young. That's a fact if you believe what you see in the P/G footage. They have vocal cords to make many sounds and language, if you believe what you hear in the Ron Morehead Sierra sounds. The DNA results point to this also. Lets see if Dr Sykes' s results say the same before you go throwing out your theories.