Monday, July 22, 2013

Bob Heironimus Says He Was Bigfoot in Patterson Film


Bob Heironimus Patterson Film

Bob Heironoimus takes a Polygraph Test on TV

This is a video of Bob Heironimus claiming he is the one that was wearing the Bigfoot costume in the famed Roger Patterson film footage of Bigfoot. He claims they were suppose to pay him $1000 dollars but never paid him. And with being on Television, in front of an audience, and the whole world, that is a lot of pressure on someone, and then to pass the test...

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  1. Who can't make that posture and walk along? Lie detectors are not conclusive evidence of a lie. It's why those results are not allowed in court. Heironimous is also a known attention seeker. So how is the film fake? Cause he says so? I can't believe him. This is old news anyway and was not entirely believable. The hoax of the century is on the skeptics for using denial in their "scientific" beliefs.

  2. I'm sure we all could walk similar but he does a pretty good job of it almost 40 years later. I don;t think he had anything to gain by doing this.

  3. Bob H,IMHO,has already ruined any possible "claims to fame" by blatantly lying about this situation. The only thing this braying ass has done,is to help discredit our community even more,by trying to lie,and say he was the"man in the suit",,ALTHOUGH,,he cannot come up with one single item that will back up his story.(except for that stupid walk,,witch,by the way my neighbor walks the same way,,his wife says its from sitting in a recliner all day,,then slouched on a barstool all night,,,LOL!!!) He says he knows the exact spot the film was shot at,,but could never find it again.
    I was curious about this man,and his story,a couple years ago,,it only took an afternoon of searching on the web,to show me all I needed to know about Bob. He's a liar. And upset,because some folks got some publicity in the town,and he was left out. That was the just of it,from what many of his neighbors said,,in a show about de-bunking him,and his credibility. I can't remember the specifics of all this,or the documents,etc. but it's all still out there,,,just like Bob,,and his walk that only made him look more pathetic than he already was.

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  5. what about the eye witnesses that have seen a bigfoot that have passed lie detectors? So if your reasoning is bob h passing is proof that he isn't in the costume then using the same reasoning if you pass the test claiming you've seen bigfoot then that would prove bigfoot exists .Right?

  6. its truly absurd to think after closely observing the pgf that this is a man walking along in a costume that Patterson sewed together out of a dead horse. ..people have all the right to believe in what they want.Though to think someone killed a horse stayed up late and stiched the hide together and sewed in zippers and to put someone into this costume to imitate bigfoot with the results in this film displays. are very mistaken.

  7. Where was Bob in 1968,69,70,71,81,91 etc?The dynamics wont allow him to have been in that clip,namely he's too short,by latest investigations,the creatures height was 7 foot 6 inches,almost 1 1/2 foot taller than Bob and the hip,shoulder and knee of animal depicted would not line up!Also the foot length in the film is in proportion to the estimated height of the female sasquatch depicted,and finally patterson and gimlin had a pack horse with them,where was his transportation into the woods??