Saturday, July 06, 2013

Charlie Sheen To Search For Loch Ness Monster

Charlie Sheen To Search For Loch Ness Monster

HOLLYWOOD hellraiser Charlie Sheen is planning a trip to Scotland – to hunt for the Loch Ness monster.

The Anger Management star, 47, is convinced he can solve the mystery of what lurks in the loch.

He revealed his madcap plan on Twitter, posing for a snap in what he called his “hunting gear”, a bronze battle helmet, along with friend Brian Peck.

Sheen was soon flooded with encouraging messages from fans all over the world wishing him the best of luck with the mission.

Marilyn Halley wrote: “its about time Nessie was found!! Thanks Charlie.”

Susie Sunshine added: “u are two great archeologists. let’s get ready for #lochness and take me with u!! :)”

But Alice Smith warned: “my dad’s house looks into Loch Ness, didnae see your monster lol.”

The first recorded sighting of a monstrous creature in Loch Ness was by St Columba in 565AD.

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