Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Dr. Melba Ketchum Responds To Latest Criticism

Dr. Melba Ketchum Responds To Criticism
In response to the latest round of criticism. 
1. We did give these folks access to the genomes.
2. They only pulled random sequences and did not look at the whole genomes. The person from UT that did our analysis told me that he never got all of the raw data uploaded to the second lab due to computer problems on the receiving lab's end. I offered raw DNA to this lab so they could extract and sequence themselves. They would not even give the courtesy of a reply. 
3. They refused to even speak with me on the phone. The entire thing was completely and totally unprofessional. 
4. They never tried to check the analysis done at the University of Texas even though the bioinformatics person put himself at their disposal.

What findings they gave were impossible since both of our labs would have had to extract feces to obtain these results. If it had been feces, we would not have been able to obtain the preliminary results that we got prior to the genomes. After all, they were the same extractions. You can't get feces from tissue, blood and saliva. If we did extract feces, the quality scores would not have been this high. That is in the literature. This leads to a couple of possibilities. One, there is a conspiracy to suppress our findings. Two, they just didn't care and didn't believe that there is even the possibility that Sasquatch exists and therefore just wanted to be done with it because they had other projects. Three, they themselves suppressed it for fear that their careers would be damaged. The things that I know for sure are that it was not an adequate analysis, they did not even try to double check or recreate our findings. If they really had an interest, they would have jumped at the chance to re-sequence the raw samples. Funny thing, I offered the samples to three other places also and nobody was willing to test. Something is just not right. I also offered several people an opportunity to visit a habituation site including this reporter and his lab people so they could have a sighting. Of course they didn't want that either. Bottom line, nobody except a few of you here even care about the truth. Most would rather perpetuate that BF is a myth or an ape.
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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing this Johnny. It's a sad day,when mr mainstream,and all his sheep,toadies and flunkies,would rather lie,or not even bother to read the paper(and for those who don't know,this is the exact scenario. David Paulides and Dr Ketchum,have both,a couple times now,made statements pertaining to this. David recently pointed out,in a Coast to Coast AM show,that the "peers"(joke) and "scientists"(either brainwashed or on the PAYROLL,IMHO) that raised such damning questions,claiming the work is indeed flawed,never read the paper,,or did a scanning of it(or,again IMO,couldn't understand the data,LOL!!!!),because the answers to all the reviewers questions were in the work,,,,the Paper Itself!! How conveniently!!
    Well,,,I say BOO!!! BOO MAINSTREAM SCIENTIST!!! You are nothing,but a hypocrite. One not worthy of such credentials. The quest for truth,and understanding,was assaulted by paid goons,thugs and friends of "The Good Ol' Boy's Club",because Dr Ketchum,and the study,actually did the impossible,,as In turning a myth into reality,,and we all know how the "learned folks of science" absolutely loath to be told their ideas and views,on the subject of the reality of Bigfoot/Sasquatch,,and they would rather roll over and die(by the looks of their childish behavior,lol) than admit what they scoffed about for decades was in fact,,,,Real.