Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tim Fasano Talks About Bigfoot Language

Tim Fasano Talks About Bigfoot Language

Alex Midnight Walker held one of the most scientific and responsible Bigfoot conventions ever. It was about Bigfoot language and linguistics. A notion I entertain even though I am in the ape camp. Nevertheless, top experts at the Southeast Bigfoot conference had never heard anything like Paterson's recordings, neither actual or anecdotally. He stands alone with a series of tapes that that are modified and have no visual orientation.

Let me state this for the record. If I was going to hoax, and the video showed the audio was fake, I would switch tracks. I would show the inside of a tent at night or photos, creating the illusion I was in the woods.

There is nothing in his videos showing he was ever in the woods. FIRST RED FLAG: you never see him. Go back and look. He is never there. All of this could have filmed in his garage, porch, and backyard. This guy makes a mockery of Bigfoot, just like he did on MONSTERQUEST.
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  1. Tim Fasano..just another fat-assed, loud mouthed, no good, shit-talking, lying sack of crap douchebag. Not worth your wasting your time reading or hearing anything this dick headed loser has to say.