Friday, September 27, 2013

Derek Randles Wants His DNA Sample Back!

Derek Randles Wants His Bigfoot DNA Back

Now that Melba Ketchum's Sasquatch DNA study appears to be a bust, Derek Randles is demanding his sample be returned to him. This sample was originally given to him by Justin Smeja, and the results of the flesh sample came back Black Bear with human contamination. Derek is now thinking of getting it  re-tested through another lab if he is able to get what is left of  the sample back.

He issued this statement earlier today:

Dear Dr. Melba Ketchum:
I've made this request with your personal assistant, and I've also asked you directly, but still no response. Ms Ketchum, I want what's left of my sample back, and quite frankly I'm getting tired of waiting. The sample I'm referring to is sample 26. Just so there's no confusion, it's the sample Justin Smeja signed over to me, the sample that I gave you permission to test. I am the owner of the sample and I have the documentation stating so. You have told me repeatedly that there is some sample left. You have also told me you would send it to Wally for me. The least you could do considering Wally funded the majority of your study. The reason I want it back is simple. I want it re-tested. Posting this publicly is not my style, but in light of the fact I'm being ignored about this , and the BS seems to be getting thicker, I decided to post this publicly. I would very much appreciate a response from you " camp".
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